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Hate Fish!!!


Ive just decided that im going to sort my health out and shape up ! thing is im changing my diet and know that fish plays a good part in it, but as i hate fish will fish oil soft gels do ????



begin immediately


It's a shame you hate one of the most delectible meats in the world. But, as stated, take fish oil gels.


Thank you !! first thing on my shopping list tomorrow


I've heard about an after taste or a taste when burping with the fish oil caps, so you could also take flax oil.

I've never personally tried the fish oil, but have heard that flax tastes better (by comparison).

The downside is that you would need more flax oil to get the same EFAs as the fish oil, and taking flax in caps would mean taking a crazy amount of pills to get a decent amount.

If you don't mind the taste of flax oil, you can try that, or if you don't get the aftertaste from fish oil caps go that way.


Fish oil caps should probably be a staple of any T-Man's diet. I eat plenty of fish in addition to taking the caps. I rely on fish as a source of protein, not just healthy fats.

With so many varities of fish and ways of preparation, I have to ask how many types of fish have you tried to determine that you hate all fish?



I got this tip from a thread here on T-Nation, so I always try to spread it.

Put your fish oil in the fridge and it seems to eliminate the fish taste. Problem solved. Plus it's probably better for the omega 3's.



I never get the burps.

Try seal oil,much higher in EFA's.Has one unique EFA that's good for your joints.


Have you ever tried swordfish? Marinated & cooked properly it has the consistency of very good pork but can be expensive. Tuna is trickier, you need a good cut, cooked properly etc. but not done well can turn you off. No BBQ salmon?


fresh tuna filet done on a grill is as good as most steaks


I think grilled flounder is even better. It is one of the most flakiest fish I've eaten, I have eaten many kinds of fish.


I usually drink 2 mouth fulls of Omega 3 liquid (carlson brand) in the morning. Liquid form is better than the capsules. I usually burp some up too. It is nasty but, you got do what you gotta do.

its like my doc once said," If it taste good spit it out."


Wow, how many caps do you guys take? On the bottle I have it says two, but I'm thinking that won't cut it. Should I up it to say...10?


depends on the amount per cap. I take a cap that is about twice the average of what you get in most value brands and I eat 3 caps twice a day with my first 2 meals. This would equal 8-12 of most brands. Still--nickel for nickel, the best value/best bang for your buck supp.

In my opinion


I take flax seeds just mix them in my protein shake..

I was wondering though.. how much are we looking for a day? I take what is recommended on the bag of milled flax seeds, but seems we should take more?


Daver Flax is OK but it has to be converted to the EPA DHA in the body and does so at a LOW rate. one sevring aint gonna cut it either I think thats about 4-5 total grams of fat.

As for ther fish oils I simply make it easy. Take 6-10 a day and be sure to get plenty of Fatty fish and walnuts in my diet usually daily.