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Hate Crimes Prevention Act...

… attached to National Defense Authorization Act


Democrats are seeking to curtail Free Speech.

I’m sure the Dear Leader doesn’t mean to use the act in bad ways…only good ways. Like curtailing the speech of the opposition.

Kind of plays into the narrative Pelosi, Reid and the other commissars have been broadcasting regarding protests and the opposition.

Wonder of the Second Amendment is the next target?

Legislation does not prevent crime so I don’t see how it will prevent “hate” crime.

Do we really need to re-classify what a crime is? Doesn’t this obscure the essence of crime – an act of trespass against an individual.

Why should someone be punished more severely because a crime was done out of “hate”? Does this not mean then that “crimes of passion” should be judged differently too?

This is just an other case of government having to do something to appease the mass of idiots called voters.