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Hate Crime Victim Tries to Save Shooter



Good post. This was an act of terrorism committed against civilians. I don't agree with the Muslim guy helping to commute the guy's death sentence however. I also don't think that some guy who shoots at a group of civilians because he 'thought they were Muslims' could ever be reformed. He should be put down like a mad dog.

Good thing this incident is a rarity and that church/synagogue, state and a large proportion of the Judeo-Christian population don't support this psycho's actions...sorry, had to get that one in there. :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for posting this. I, and I suspect many others in this country, need more stories like this.

I have little sympathy for the shooter and do not believe he deserves the consideration his victim is giving him. However, it is a very rare glimpse of what some call "the religion of peace." It reminds me that there are good and decent practitioners out there and therefore I can allow myself the time to discover it rather than just hardening myself when in their company.


I agree with Sexmachine in that I don't think the execution should be called off. But I definitely do admire a guy who can get shot in the face and then ask for clemency for the shooter.


I have to admit I would not be near as forgiving as him. I admire that, and I suppose it means that I am still growing. But as for the execution...I don't believe he should be let free by any means, but one part of me says that if a victim can forgive him and ask sincerely for his life, then maybe the State should honor that request since after all the victim was the one wronged in the first place.


He killed a couple of other people. Who knows what they would think about a death sentence? Personally, if someone came into a coffee shop where I was and shot me dead I would expect that person to be sentenced to death once their guilt was established beyond a reasonable doubt.