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Hatchet Job on Cheney


Holy cow. I ran across this story today and it is a total hatchet job on Cheney. Ouch.

Cheney Is the Albatross Around George Bush's Neck
Vice President Dick Cheney lost a decisive White House policy battle on Dec. 15, when President George W. Bush staged a photo opportunity with Republican Senators John McCain (Ariz.) and John Warner (Va.)?two of Cheney's biggest Republican Party critics?to announce Administration capitulation to bipartisan, bicameral Congressional demands that the United States repudiate torture.

The White House session, where it was announced that the President supported the McCain amendment banning any American violation of anti-torture conventions, came just hours after the U.S. House of Representatives, by a veto-proof 308-112 vote, passed a resolution, instructing House conferees, hammering out a final defense budget, to support the McCain language.

Cheney ally and House Armed Services Committee Chair Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) denounced the Bush-McCain deal and said he would seek to block it, but the message coming from the White House was clear.

Adding insult to Cheney's injury, the House resolution was sponsored by Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), whose Nov. 17 call for a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq on a six-month timetable, triggered a national debate on a viable exit strategy. Murtha became the target of a Cheney-orchestrated smear campaign, which backfired against the Bush White House, and in effect, broke the Administration's nearly five-year vise-grip on the lower house. A core group of moderate Senate Republicans has already broken with the Cheney-led White House, after the failed "nuclear option" showdown in May.

The flight-forward against Representative Murtha also put Cheney in the unenviable position of being at war with the entire uniformed U.S. military command, which moved preemptively, through the Congressman-war hero, to force an end to the Iraq quagmire, while the U.S. Armed Forces are still barely intact.
It just goes downhill from there. Thoughts? Flames?


I don't think it comes as a surprise to many that Cheney is an ass. He's evil and absolute in his power hunger. It's too bad that a change couldn't have been made for the second term.

If W had overhauled most of his cabinet and Cheney along with Rove it really could have led to a more positive term. I don't have suggestions of who or whatever. But I most assuredly agree that Cheney is and has not been a positive influence or talking point of this administration.


No argument here. Cheney's about as low as they come.


Is that from Lyndon LaRouche's website?

Actually I think Cheney is a lightning rod in the administration. He does the dirty work while Bush tries to claim the high ground.


It looks like it comes from somewhere in his organization. I did a search on it after I posted the story... he seems like a real quack-in-the-box.

I don't know how crazy this publication may be.


I think you are correct.


It does not get any quackier than LaRouche!!!


I saw some of the LaRouche group a long time ago in a bookstore. They had a stand with books pamphlets and such, people were intrested but most went away looking flumoxed and/or confused at their crazyness.


I think that's accurate. But it's hard to defend a guy who fought tooth and nail to protect torture, yet "had other priorities" during Vietnam.