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Hatch Squat Program vs Deadlift

Ok guys , so I am planing to squat twice a week and I think it might be good to give the hatch squat program a try . Taking into consideration I train 4 days a week , is it ok to NOT deadlift during the first 8 weeks of the hatch program and see ?
I will include loaded glute ham raises 4 days a week and Abs barbell roll outs 3 times a week plus good mornings. the point is : it happened that I have always been able to set a new PR’s at deadlift when I don’t deadlift after trying the Russian squat routine 3 squat session a week but now I have time only to squat 2 a week and only 4 days a week where I have to bench press twice and OHP twice …
Suggestions please and thanks in advance .

What is the hatch squat program?

We already had this discussion earlier, I would hesitate to advise someone not to do something that they want to get better at but if you have had success in the past with not deadlifting then it might work out for you. How did you last training cycle go?

If you aren’t going to do actual deadlifts then why not SLDL or RDL instead of GMs? You might consider a different program/template as well, either full body so you either squat or deadlift every day or upper/lower with a heavy squat day and a light squat/heavy deadlift day. Lately I have been using the heavy squat/light squat+deadlift setup and it works well, I was mostly squatting 2-3x a week for the last few years and this works just as well. The light session is just technique practice and a warmup for deadlifting, it adds maybe 15 minutes to my deadlift workout.

Hatch squat program is a program developed by : Gayle Hatch , an Olympic weghtlifting coach… it calls for squatting twice a week where you do both back and front squat every squat session which means almost like 50-60 reps per session divided to both front squat and back squat depending on one’s rm percentages for both front and back squats … last training cycle I tried Russian squat routine for masters it is same as standard Russian squat routine but you squat twice a week and hence it is 8 weeks length unllike the original version where you squat 3 times a week so I would deadlift every other week but I couldn’t complete it because if I deadlift it means that every other week I will train 5 days a week which I have no room to do nowadays .so I converted to squat once , deadlift once , BP and OHP twice so it is 4 training days a week and my deadlift felt like shit just after like 2 weeks so I stopped to decide another plan .I imagine that may be RDL SLDL would beat up my lower back along with many front squat and back squat sets in that program but still good idea I can try either or both of them and see .