Hastalles's Log

Saturday (supposed to be intensity day): ~3 hours of hard digging, etc. Legs and low back ache a bit.


Power snatch (my awkward attempts at snatches, at least) - singles up to 100 lb. Did a bunch. About 30 - 60 seconds rest in between.


Threw some 50-100 lb log sections around. 5- 10 minutes. Throw, rest 10 - 20 seconds until fresh, and throw another one. Wasn’t hard and wasn’t supposed to be.

(Did a very few handstand pushups, one arm pushuups, and heavily assisted natural glute/ham raises last night.)


Deadlift: ~120, ~200, ~250, and my new 1RM ~285. I videoed this and saw my low back rounding a fair amount. I think I also hitched it a bit. Drag the bar up your shins. Set your core. Work on low back strength.

Power clean and push press: ~80, ~120, ~135 but missed the press 2-3 inches from lockout, according to the video. Probably (hopefully) due to the instability of the makeshift set up I was using. Then power clean a new 1RM of ~147 after a few missed attempts. Had no chance on the push press. I failed right around the top of my head, when the momentum stopped. Look into the transition between the clean and the press.

Supposed to set a squat 5RM but ran out of time.

Very cool!


Afternoon - Punched the bag a little.

Evening - A few dumbbell snatches. Some overhead lockouts. Some higher rep one arm dumbbell bench press. Messing around, trying to get a little extra triceps work.


Squat 1 heavy set of 5 with much better form.

Bunch of dips, heavy pin press (in effect) at a position 1-2 inches above a floor press, heavily cheated rows, heavy scapular retractions. Isometric (overcoming) at various points of the bench press movement.

A silly nonsense sort of day. We’ll see how I react to it tomorrow.


Right hamstring is a bit touchy. Some cold symptoms.

Raking, shoveling, etc for ~2 hours today.

7 hours of sleep last night.


LYTP 5 lb, 10 reps each.

Push press 120 lb for 6 sets of 3 in 20 minutes.

Bench press 145 x 3, 140 x 3 for 3 sets in 10 minutes. Supposed to be 15 minutes, but I started grinding.

Pullups 16, 10, forgot the reps for the third set. 3-4 minutes rest. Slight collarbone pain after sets. Focused on drawing shoulder blades down and back, and stretched pec minor in between sets and kept the pain under control.

Dips BW +50 lb, 3 sets, 3 reps; BW 10 reps. 2-3 minutes rest. Focused on keeping shoulder blades down and back. Pain in collarbone only once or twice when my shoulders came up.

Lateral raise/upright row to forehead 60 lb, 3 sets, ~8 reps.

Held 120 at overhead lockout for 20 seconds. These are great.

I let the dips and the raises/upright rows grind and went a little overboard on the bench. I wasn’t supposed to do any of that. I felt quite a bit burnt out at the end, but it was pretty hot today.

Power cleans 130 lb 4 sets of 3. 15 minutes.
Squat 230 lb 3 sets of 3. Started grinding, supposed to be 20 minutes.
Neck high-ish rep, isometric hold nonsense all 4 directions.
Good morning 130 lb high-ish reps, few sets.
BW feet supported face pulls high-ish reps, few sets. Not really to failure.
Hill sprints ~50 yd hill, walk down, then sprint it again. ~5 times.

Felt awesome. Though I ate a kind of hearty dinner and felt a bit sick after the hills.

I got very little sleep last night.

LYTP 5 lb 10 reps
Push press 120. 3 sets of 3. Had to stop due to grinding about 10 minutes into the 15.
Strict dumbbell rows with short hold at top 80 lb. for a bunch of sets of 3 .
Chest supported barbell row with short hold at top 100 lb for quite high reps.
Dumbbell bench (one side at a time) 60 lb for a set of 3 with each arm.
Bench press 140 x 3, 115 x 3 (misload), 115 x 9 (failure). Very short rests. Not at all as planned, but I got some work in.
Dips 1 set of 3 with BW; 4 sets of 3 with 60 lb. Plenty of grinding in the last sets.

Not much like as planned, but what can you do. I felt (and was) WEAK on the push press and bench press. The dips were good though. No shoulder pain on anything at all.

Had to take today (Thursday) off.

I REALLY want to be training right now.

A few 40 lb dumbbell snatches.

Push press 120 lb 7 sets of 3 in 20 minutes. Time to move up!

No time for anything else.

Power snatch (VERY dodgy form. I pressed a lot of these out, because I didn’t get under the bar) 4 sets of 3 with 90 lb before grinding set in. Supposed to be 15 minutes, more like 12.
DOH Deadlift (wasn’t practical to follow the schedule) ~150 (full tires bar) x 1, ~270 x 1, ~280 x 1, ~290 x 1. Form was much better than last time. Dragged the bar up my shins. My lower back stayed pretty tight. About 3 minutes in between each.

No time for everything else.

So now I’m tired and happy.

I think I lowballed those deadlift numbers. I believe they’re all about 10 up.
Sleep and nutrition are way messed up right now and will be for the rest of the week.
Sunday: rest
Monday: Some light power snatches.
Push press 130 x 3. This did not go well. It was more of a push jerk. I got 2, the last one failed. I waited about 20 seconds and got it. The next set was worse. So I backed off to:
Push press 120 x 3. Did two sets, before I started grinding.
Pullups for reps, 3 sets.
Dips, BW 60 lb, 5 reps, something like 4 sets in 15 minutes. The last two sets ground, but it was time to stop anyway.
Some lateral raise nonsense. For what it’s worth, I’m WAY stronger on these than last time I did them. Overhead pressing apparently makes your shoulders stronger.
Push press and overhead hold 120 lb for 10 seconds.
Strict press and overhead hold 100 lb for 10 seconds.

Supposed to bench press today, but am unable.

Awful day, but at least I got some work in.

Tuesday: some snatch singles with 90 lb and about 30 seconds rest.
Wednesday: A bunch of push pressing with 120 lb, a set of low incline press, some overhead holds, some dumbbell strict presses.

I’m toning down the push in the push press. Now I’m using just enough to get past the sticking point.

Thursday: A bunch of snatches, some squats up to 250/260 for 3, some “rack pulls” from right below the knee with 250/260, some shrugs, some good mornings with 150, some “almost completely leg powered BTN presses” with 110. Felt pretty good actually. I think I’m adapting a bit to the poor recovery situation for this week.

Friday: A few strict press singles with 110.

Not a good day. Fasting…

Saturday: few power cleans, some highish rep pullups, few sprints.

Push press: 120 lb, 6 sets of 3 in 20 minutes.
Bench press: 150 lb, 6 sets of 3 in 15 minutes.



A bunch of power snatches with 95 lb. Somewhere between 10-20 total.

Squat: 220 x 5 (harder than it should have been)
260/270 x fail. And then the tires broke.

Rack pull (in effect) from a bit below the knees: 260/270 x highish reps x 2-3 sets.
Shrug: 220 x highish reps.

This was not a good day. Really freaking hot, too.