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Hashimotos + Low T

Sleep: Find time release, keep looking, melatonin. I find that Rx trazodone works well for sleep. It is very inexpensive at Walmart USA, 150mg 360 tablets, one year supply, $40 cash price. Start at 50mg. You can get a smaller amount for a trial.

Body temps: Please also check mid-afternoon body temps that are going to respond to your morning doses of thyroid meds. Early morning body temps will not be so useful as a medication guide. You may need to push TSH very low below 1.0 to loose hypo symptoms.

Please get back on fish oil, it is needed by the brain.

Prolactin is not causing low LH/FSH, thyroid might.
E2 unknown.

Thanks. I’ll supply more info as I go. I forgot to post my Estrodiol, which was taken on that same lab

Total T = 363 (348-1197)
Estrodiol = 18.7 (7.6-42.6)
SHBG = 33.7 (16.5-55.9)

Melatonin doesn’t do a damn thing for me. I’ve taken 3mg time release. Maybe I need more. I havent tried it since getting off of caffeine.

Bro, here’s the deal – you’ve tried a couple of things and your testosterone is actually lower than when you originally posted. Seems like it Is TRT time to me. Higher testosterone will give an almost immediate positive benefit in sleep. That, I can absolutely guarantee – check out this forum and others and you will see. Have you spoken to your doctor about getting supplemental Testosterone?

Thanks Jim, I think you misunderstood. Those lab results were before I started the lifestyle changes. It just took a while for me to get the results from the doctor. But you’re right, if they don’t improve I’ll be starting TRT and do have a clinic lined up that is willing to prescribe it. I just want to make sure it’s not low because of something I can fix.

Just a reminder that you cannot “supplement” your base line T production, you need to replace production completely.

Saw a new Endo today. Best one I’ve seen so far. He’s willing to discuss TRT after I get a sleep study and physical done. He is pretty convinced that my sleep issues are causing my low T and not the other way around. He also wants to make sure I don’t have apnea or anything else that could get worse or be dangerous while on TRT.

Luckily, I have both a sleep study consult and a physical booked for later next month.

I asked him about armour thyroid and if I should continue to supplement with T3. He was certain that FT3 tests were mostly unreliable with the explanation that T3 conversions happen in the cells, and aren’t represented accurately by a serum test; which in a normal person may give a T3 value on the lower end of the range even if T4 is on the higher end. Makes sense to me, but I haven’t looked into it.

Thyroid levels will be checked again in 1 month.
Sleep study and physical will be done around the same time.

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Hey how is the thyroid and are you on trt?

Hey, No TRT yet. I feel like my levels are back up but haven’t been tested again for it.

What I ended up doing was cutting all my supplements and medications except for the thyroid. Also went off of the Amour thyroid and got stabilized on just T4. I know that may not work for everyone but it made a bid difference for me. My TSH is now at 1, and my FT4 is at 1.41, those are by far the best numbers I’ve ever had and feel great on the dose.

Getting off of caffeine really sucked. I was basically in bed all day for 3 months, pretty much in a coma.

Once all that passes though I’m definitely recovering. Anxiety stress and anger are all much much lower. And my sex drive has completely returned. My sleep is still terrible though.

I’d like to get my T tested in this state just to compare, I’ll ask my dr next time I’m there.

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good to hear,you take only t4 now?

Yeah, just T4. I was on T3 and T4 for years and felt like garbage. Heart palpitations and bouncing between hyper and hypo on a daily basis. Makes sense given the short half life of T3, it’s just too hard to regulate. I’ve definitely heard a lot of people do great on it, but it’s just not for me.

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is that t4 levothyroxine?

Yeah, just the generic levothyroxine. My Endo regulated my dose to 125mcg.

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How is it going? Did taking t4 rise your testosterone?

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Something did. I haven’t had it measured formally, but I’m not worried about it at this point because my body feels mostly back to normal.

I take trazodone for sleep and that’s helped a lot. I also took sever months off from lifting as well because I may have been overtraining. I’m just getting back into that. I’m hopeing my lifts get better, although I’ve noticed my sleep is still terrible on the days that I work out, even with trazodone. I wish I could figure that one out.

I take trazodone and time release melatonin.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos recently. How are you doing with it? And treatment yet. My TPO was only 52 in a range of 0-32 and thyroglobulin antibodies were 5.8 in range of 0.0-0.9… i feel achey and tired always. Low libido and severe depression at times. Testosterone totals attached. Can’t find what to do from here. Endo isn’t helping.

My labs were almost identical to yours: TPO 59 and a thyroglobulin 15. My TSH was 4+ I started Armor Thyroid 1 grain per day and after a month I feel great. Much more energy and less sensitivity to cold. I’m getting labs on Friday and will post back.

Realize that with antibodies at our level we have the mildest form of hypothyroid. Your bio available testosterone is low - needs to be over 200. My guess is your feeling tired mostly from low T and low thyroid is contributing. Do you have high SHBG - that would bind your Free Test. Is there another doc you can see - traditional Endos treat people by lab values rather than symptoms.

SHBG is like 22 something normal low. So three shots a week for me if I start. And i wanna start low first so i can build up. I have horrible anxiety. Not about needles. Super tired all the time and depressed easily. My TSH was 1.3 last time. T4 was 1.25 a little elevated. So thyroid meds would be ok with normal labs but high antibodies ? Thanks for the replies brother

You should get a more complete thyroid panel that includes free T3 and reverse T3. T3 is what gets it done (T4 actually converts to T3) but if reverse T3 is high - it binds to the T3 making it less effective (similar to how high SHBG binds Free Test). If you do go on thyroid meds it would have to be a T3 med or something like Armor Thyroid which has both T4 and T3. Just giving you more T4 won’t do much if you are in the high range already. Read more about this at the Thyroid sticky in this Forum.

As for your Test - 2x/week should be fine. I am prone to anxiety myself and didn’t have an issue and splitting the dose is your best bet (if you want to 3x/week that’s up to you but harder to adjust dose).

As for being tied - it could be your Thyroid (need T3 labs) but I have a feeling it may also be adrenal fatigue (caused from stress, not sleeping, etc). Try supplementing with DHEA. Maybe start 25 mg/day and run labs. You want one in top half of range.

Any updates galgenstrick?

I too have Hashimoto’s at age 28. Was just officially diagnosed but knew I was hypo for years. I have read probably 100s of hours of info on low T including combing these forums for the past 6 years. Have been on and off T replacement. It helped some, but even with normalized levels (e.g. 700 total T, 15 free T) I still had low mood, apathy/lack of enjoyment in things, low libido, brain fog, low energy, etc. I believe the problem is autoimmune disease more than the T. That’s just one piece to the pizza. I am now a little better without T replacement and will probably never go back on. I hate the dependency and results were minimal. Too high T (e.g. 800 plus) with controlled estrogen actually made me feel terrible. My labs are also identical to yours as well (Total T 400-500, free T 9-11)every test currently. I used to think T was the problem. All I read leads me to believe it is a symptom of the autoimmune disease which affects not just the thyroid, but the whole body. I have been on and off thyroid meds as well and am just getting back on. 20 days into no gluten, no dairy which is supposedly the way to go. What was your luck with that? I’ve heard it may take 6 months for the autoimmune response to stop after gluten removal. I’ve found 300 mcg time release melatonin is best for my perpetually crappy sleep (works far better than high dose e.g. 5mg). Any tips or things you’ve learned? I’ve still got almost all the symptoms you mention. I also get overtrained very easily- events that burn 2000+ calories really make me feel exhausted with poor sleep for 3 to 5 days afterward. Encouraging to see I’m not the only one here with this stuff

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