Has TRT Affected Your Career Decisions?

What is your profession and has TRT affected your drive, cognitive ability, career growth etc.?

I’m in finance, analytical by nature but noticed I’m even better with numbers and quick decisions, analytical thinking.

How has TRT affected your profession?

I’ve struggled a lot with confidence as well as anxiety and depression, which were affecting my career in a very negative way. I even at one stage gave up my career. Trt has pretty much solved all of it for me plus given me more ambition and drive. I used to be in a different more physical job too, and it made such a big impact on that too. I just have a better outlook on everything now. Plus I can do a 10/10 gym workout before or after work no worries!

I’m more aggressive and I don’t take shit anymore. I used to routinely get into heated arguments with my old boss because of his actions. i was the only one who called him out on it. I work for state govt so I had some protections against getting fired plus he needed me! LOL

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I am currently very low T, still trying to convince the doctors to prescribe it to me. I have no motivation to deal with any stress or bullshit…lost my job and am currently unemployed as a mechanical engineer. At my next appointment I need to convey that my life depends on getting TRT. Looks like from all of the anecdotal evidence I have seen that my entire life and mood will lift out of the gutter once I normalize my hormone levels.

Thanks to everyone to puts in their own opinion here!

Done right, and assuming there is nothing else wrong, TRT will change your life

I’m an IT engineer and although I have always been good at my job, and been promoted etc, I have definitely been garnering more attention in meetings and with interactions with my boss. Im just more assertive and less wishy washy. Its funny because my boss was asking me to be more like this and it just so happen to fall in line with my TRT treatment so he thinks it was his urging. Win / win. That being said I probably spend about 10% more time thinking about women at work but the other time is definitely more focused on my work. I have spent years with my head in the clouds.

I’m just a couple weeks in right now - still adjusting and trying to find a baseline, a bit scatter brained/wired hopefully levels out in the next few weeks so I can get some focus again.