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Has This Happened To You


So im on my way to the gym to late to get in a late workout, it was about 9:00. Im probably a mile away from the gym when all the lights in my car and my radio goes out, and my car stalls. And its not like I have a beater its an 04 bmw that I leased last year, nothing is supposed to go wrong with it. So I come to find out its the alternator and by the time we got it to my house the gym was closed. I was so pissed. Does anyone else have any stories like this? Maybe they will make me feel less pissed off.


Nope. I have 24 hour access to my gym. It's really nice to be able to go in there at 2 am (when I'm on a more nocturnal schedule) and work out without anyone else being there. Hope this makes you feel better =P


Last time I heard a story like that where the car shuts off, the guy said he was abducted by aliens. If you think you're gym being closed was bad, aliens would really ruin your day....Consider yourself lucky.


Aliens? Some people post the weirdest things on here


I got up early the other day to go to the gym, and the godamn place was being picketed by aliens. Can't cross a fucken picket line, especially when it's manned by aliens. Fuckers might abduct me, and do wierd tests on me.

\|/ 3Toes


You obviously have never seen "Unsolved Mysteries". Get some culture man.

Hey by that way, there's this thing that some folks have, its called "humor". You might want to look into it.


Irish, i didnt mean that you posted something weird. I thought you meant that you read a post about aliens, so i meant that person is weird, not you bro.


is it an X3 by any chance because the same thing happened to my sister.


Is pure bad luck. Have had it happen in two different vehicles, one of them not mine, just borrowing.

One of the good things about a diesel, alternator goes, you lose lights but keep cruising along til the tank runs dry.


Its a 330ci.


It's odd that it happened in the 3 series. BMW and Mercedes have both had well-documented electrical issues over the last few years. Yours was not the worst I've read about. Consider that more than a few people have had the CD changer start spitting out their CDs at high speeds. One other guy I read about had his entire electrical go out in his S500 every time he hit 55 mph.



Dude the alternator went out on my truck a few months ago while I was going to the gym as well. I was going to after a PR for deads too.

But my truck broke down and I spent the rest of the evening fixing it, I consider it a sign that I wasn't supposed to do any lifting that day and it was made so by the alternator shitting out on me on the highway...




Early this spring the alternator went out on my '93 F-150 pickup...at night...a mile away from home. I pushed the thing into the driveway, almost got hit be every car that drove by, and my legs were fucking DONE the next day, I could hardly walk!


It was the weirdest thing, all my lights went out but the car was still running. so im trying to make it to the gym at night with no lights, every car was swerving around me and all i wanted to do was lift.


Understood. My apologies.

And pushing an F-150 after the alernator goes is the kind of GPP that you never want to do!


You worried about aliens listen to this..

Peter Griffin: A guy at work bought a car out of the paper. Ten years later, Bam! Herpes.


Shit happening like that sucks, especially while you're driving and you're on your way to somewhere important.

But to make you feel better I'll tell you about one of my worst car experiences.

In my high school weed smokin days, two friends and I were riding along and had just lit up a blunt. The car filled with smoke but I thought hey, this is normal. Being the alert pothead (ha!) that he was, my buddy screams "oh shit the car is on fire!".

I look down and sure enough, there was an electrical fire in the floor board near the console. Once we put the fire out we were laughin our asses off but it ended up costing me a lot of money to fix.


If it's a manual transmission, oftentimes you can pop the clutch and get things running again. I had a car that did this for a long time...