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Has this happened to you?

OK, took a magnesium pill, 500 mg before bed. Drank some water, and I go to take a leak. As I’m taking a leak, I belch and out comes SMOKE! I figure the smoke was… half dissolved magnesium pill coating or the magnesium itself. Or I will be breating fire soon. The latter would be cooler.

Yeah this has happened to me in the past with certain vitamins. I think it’s the result of not drinking enough water.

Yeah…whenever i have flatulence i have to remove my pants for fear of burning the posterior off. Damn those pesky vitamins!
Drink 5L water/day 'nuff said :0)

This happens with any finely “ground” capsule supplement. Take right before you eat to reduce this from happening. Take right after you eat to increase it! Hey, sometimes it’s fun!

This happened all the time when I was taking ZMA. You burp and up comes a white, smokey cloud of magnesium and a “spicy” smell too!

I got one worse than that: back in HS, when I was a retard, I occasionally popped a Thermadrene (cheapest ECA) prior to a weights session or practice. Well, one day I took one right after lunch on a full stomatch. 15 Min. later, I belched a cloud of ECA, AND it also shot out my nostrils. I thought I was gonna die. My sinuses were on fire! And it didn’t go away for hours. It was kind of like when you have a good, hard barf and it shoots out your nose too. This has happened to me numerous times with Tribex also. The ECA is much worse though.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It comes out my nose too! I blow white, cloudy smoke like a bull!

Yep, happened to me when I took a thermogenic before and it happened to my husband when he took a 1-AD capsule. Crazy huh?!?! Drink more water it’ll help.

it happens all the time to me with tribex… boy it tasty like I have been licking a mushroom… yuk…

lol, I’m so glad I re-read your post. Um, let’s just say at first glance, I didn’t realize the smoke was coming out of your mouth!