Has this ever happend to you?

Ok, like I saw this girl tonight at the Gym. First time I ever seen her. She was on the eliptical trainer, I was on the tread mill.

You have to understand that my last name is not Iglasius or Zoolander, nor am I a musclehead, I am just me. But I noticed that she was staring at me. She was talking to a friend and every time I looked at her, she looked at me. I wondered…do my shorts look too tight, do I have my shirt on inside out. A double check showed negative.

She looked way out of my league. Blond with a cute little ponytail, gorgeous smile, wicked bum. Immediatly all my problems of the day went away and it was quit the day (numerous bitch slaps to Bill gates was my primary concern before this) Something felt good about her. Some unexplained nervous but warm feeling was inside of me and made me smile.

Oh no, I couldn’t go talk to her, not me. My face was red, stomach in knots, nothing witty would ever come out in this state anyway. So I finised my workout and left I will probably never see her again.

My question is:
Why do you do this girls? My god, do you realize the power you have. Do you understand? Please don’t do it anymore. PLEASE! I need to concentrate and focus.

hey man what the F— gives. there was your open door to go talk to her. you have absolutly nothing to lose my man. you see you have to exude confidence. chicks dig confidence. even if inside you feel like a nerd. don’t let them know that. and if she blew you off…no big deal either since you end up in the place you started on the treadmill. bro you will be surprised that alot of hot chicks don’t get hit on that much. man when you go up and talk to them they are very receptive. just be prepared for the other guys to start hitting on her once you start talking to her. they are afraid to go up to her but when they see you talk to her then they want to move in and C— block ya. make the move nothing to lose my man. i am off to do legs since my twigs need some infusion of muscle mass. and bro look at it as fun and nothing will bother you. you won’t be the only guy who ever got blown off and you know what you just might get a date with her. to me the risk/reward factor is definitly worth it. get some confidence MAN.

Women eh! Can’t understand them, masterbation sucks.

But waddayagonnado.

Well my first reaction is “what the fuck is wrong with you” but since that might be viewed as less then productive\supportive, I will instead point out that in my experience when it comes to approaching the honeys of the world you are alot more likely to regret the things you don’t do then the things you do. If you approach and get blown off, well that’s the end of that. If you think your getting signals to join a game you want to play but are too chicken to even try then you end up being haunted by the pussy you might have left on the table.

On the other hand, if you truly want this experience to never repeat itself, as soon as some darling gives you a smile say in a loud and effeminate voice (which may be natural to you (sorry)) “Do you mind, I don’t know you!” I’ll bet they leave you alone.

Peewee hit the nail on the head. If your not playing the game, how do you know who’s in your league. Grow some testicles and talk to her(or any other that’s looking your way).

Do you guys realize what we women think when you ck us out and then do nothing about it?

We assume you are not interested or that you are involved with someone else.

Do you realize how many hot chicks are home on the weekends with their friends because so many men are afraid of talking to them?

Don’t miss another opportunity.

Harley, when you’re on your death bed, do you think you’ll wish you’d talked to fewer girls that looked at you like that? You can gain many things from a rejection that, applied, can improve your ‘game’ for later, but you gain nothing from avoiding her.

Time to sack up and lose your pride. Having an aura of confidence is critical.

Its not the power they have, its the power you DON’T have.

I too agree with Peewee,its about confidence,girls love it.Don’t worry so much about getting shot down either,it happens to everyone,so just let it roll off your back…

Some women love this, just seeing how much they can destabilize men. Specially the 10s. At least, for a while.

But, indeed, you have to test back. Is she just a tease, a bitch or honest? It’s up to you to know.

The beautiful miss maiden is correct. However, I do understand the feeling of seeing a girl who gets you all twisted. If you see her again and she’s still eyeing you at least smile at her. If you get a smile or better yet a laugh in return, you definitely need to talk to her. Try to at least act like she’s not all that great and realize that she sees something in you that she likes. Good luck.

“…you end up being haunted by the pussy you might have left on the table.”

That was a great line.

You should have wagged your wienie at her. Too late now son. You are still gonna be thinking about this lost opportunity when you are 77 years old.


This ain’t T-Bitch -

F#*k the Chick - feel da pain!!!

Concentrate - you can ‘bump’ into her on the way home or in the parking lot - but for now Harley jack up the revs and sweat some more…

That’s my man Harley

As for “…you end up being haunted by the pussy you might have left on the table.”
Love it!!!

“…you end up being haunted by the pussy you might have left on the table.”

Only useful if you use it as a springboard for the next similar opportunity.

Moral of the story: You want it. Go get it.

(If you have to opportunity to do some homework on the lady, so much the better for your chances.)


yeah, it has.

i’ve seen many chicks looking at me, but what do i do? well, i know what i SHOULD do, but that’s hard for me. just gotta work on it.

You are afraid of being rejected. If you go up to her and talk to her and she rejects you what happens then? You feel foolish walk away and in a few minutes or hours depending on how effected you are, you are back to normal. No real harm done.

Second scenario, you never speak to her because of fear. What happens? You eventually find someone else and you never know the splendor, (or pain) that you could have had.

If you want to try again remember the exact day and time that she was training. You could also ask someone you know when that girl usually trains. Chances are you will see her again if you want to!

Wayne Gretzky said it best:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t try.

Harley: There is no such thing as “out of your league”. A very wise woman on this forum once told me that “if you think for a second a woman might be out of your league, then she is”. Approach women with no expectations other than having a conversation. If you carry all this crap with you into the conversation like…weather she finds you attractive or not… or… will she say “yes” if I ask her out, than of course you’ll be nervous. Just approach women with the expectation of having a relaxed conversation and let what’s going to evolve happen. Iron Maiden gave you some good advice. There are lots of hot chicks out there and many guys are afraid to approach them. Thing is, somebody’s gotta date em’ and it might as well be you.