Has Third World Squat Worked for You?

Just wondering how much success people have had with this

I really suck at bodyweight squatting and still have to hold on to something to squat without weight. Just wanna ask if it has worked for any of you

It will definatly improve your mobility and squatting.

I do it very often, basically whenever there isn’t any chair around nor people that would look at me weird for doing it, I will sit in this position for a couple minutes at a time. I use it to teach myself to arch my back in the hole of a squat position; I’ve always been able to bodyweight squat without holding on to something. I found that it’s very easy to get into. The problem is getting out of it and walking straight.

yes. i learned to asian squat before i learned to maintain my lumbar arch with air squats. needed the comfortable mobility before i could work on developing muscular recruitment.

i’m currently learning to hindu squat to help my foot mobility and balance:

except my version involves:

keeping the ankles and knees together
going all the way down
doing the movement slow and controlled in the first instance
aiming to be able to do it with my arms relaxed at my sides rather than doing the weird sweepy thing or needing to be held out front
holding lumbar arch at the bottom
upright torso as possible
eventually… i wanna see how high i can launch myself out of the bottom position / drop down into the next rep.

it is helping me stretch out my toes / arches :slight_smile:

i did some oly lifting after working on the above today and my oly front squats and overhead squats were feeling really smooth and comfortable. of course that could have been due to all the rolling i did before hand…

Alexus have you had any progress with your ankle mobility??

Whats the furthest an ankle can really go past the toes? Mine go about 4 inches so I think that learning to BW squat with the TWS wont work for me

i don’t know about ordinary ankle ROM.

how far they need to come forwards for you to be balanced depends on your femur length in relation to other things.

i have long femurs and my knees don’t come in front of my ankles at all (which means i want to fall backwards a lot when squatting).

i can do a relaxed asian squat okay, though. a bit of a feat of balance, but not too bad.

i think you should probably be able to do a relaxed asian squat.

hold onto something in the first instance. a pole or doorway edge or something. then you can wiggle around a bit figuring out how different stance widths / degrees of turning the feet out feels comfortable for ya. the asian squat is more about your being comfortable down there than your recruiting things (e.g., it isn’t about having a tight bottom position or maintaining your lumbar arch or even about your pushing your knees out hard).

once you have things feeling comfortable then you can worry about that other stuff.

the hindu squat lets my knees come forwards in front of the ankles. instead of requiring ankle dorsiflexion it seems to require balance / strength in the toes / arches of the feet. i don’t plan on loading them, really. i will probably work on speed / power a bit one day. at the moment i’m finding the balance really tricky, though. have a lot of work to do on stretching my feet out. feels really good, though, like it is something that needs to be done.

i think it is connected to my ankle problems. hopefully these will help with that. no luck with improved dorsiflexion. did start a new job, though, which involved a lot of time on my feet. almost crippled for a while there. finally got some comfortable shoes and feet are feeling pretty adapted. so time to hit things a bit harder with them since they aren’t all inflamed from that anymore.

I box squatted today but did 1 set of olympic squats around 60kg and it was so easy to drop ATG (shoulder width toes forward)

I feel like i can relax when I asian squat of course holding on to something. Widening my stance works when I let go but have poor moblity to drop rock bottom

I have 2 screws in my right ankle but I dont think thats whats limiting me.

Well I found something about wall squatting. How long would it take someone to learn to wall squat all the way down. Furthest I can go is only about half.