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Has the Protocol Changed?

Due to finances I haven’t been on TRT in 9 months and need to find a doc in Tulsa worth a damn. That said I have heard from guys I know that say the 100mg per week has been tossed and now its 200 mg per week of Test cyp etc.

Anyone else heard this or links to literature I can take to a doc?

All that we have to offer is in the stickies and it is all guided by lab work.


  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections.

No one here will recommend 200mg/week. The low-T clinics push high doses, are very costly and seem to be doing a poor job while showing signs that they do not understand the fundamentals.

I do not recall any discussion about docs in Tulsa. But you can read the ‘finding a TRT doc’ sticky.

Ok thank you.