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Has the Bullied Become the Bully?



Really interesting case. Could not begin to summarize well without a wall of text. but basically a kid shot another openly gay student after he was hit on my the student. the question is not about whether he did it (was done during class) but how much the shooter is too blame and how much the the school/victim/etc.

"Lawrence King, 15, left, was fatally wounded while seated in a classroom at E.O. Green Middle School in Oxnard in 2008. Brandon McInerney, right, is on trial for the killing. He was 14 at the time of the shooting."

"Emotions have run high since the very first day of Brandon McInerney's trial for murder. Perhaps that's because the killing of his gay middle-school classmate Lawrence King was as emotionally jarring as it was appalling. When McInerney, then 14 years old, shot 15-year-old King twice in the back of the head in a school computer lab three years ago, the incident jolted the coastal city of Oxnard, California, thrust two unstable households into the spotlight, and made King a rallying point for the gay community across the nation. The shooting exposed a multitude of sensitive subjects all at once: issues regarding gays, transgender people, bullying, white supremacy, child abuse and school violence came to the surface."


gays should now their place, stop hitting on straight people and infesting our nation with those nasty habits.


Could you please elaborate on where that place would be?

I mean I know, women belong in the kitchen and Negroes on the back of the bus, but where would gays find their natural habitat?

And dont tell me the cast of Glee, they certainly do their best, but there is only so much one can do.


He is obviously wrong for shooting the kid, but why is it that Gays are always the victim. Why must the world accept gay behavior? quit harrasing people and imposing your views and ideas on others. That goes for other subcultures as well. If a guy was saying those same things to a girl in school he would be punished or labled a perv. and sent away but when a gay kid does it we are supposed to sympathise?


No offense but your comment has little relevance to the actual story.

The prosecution is saying that this was premeditated murder and the shooter should pay. The defense is trying to say that the shooter was being abused at home, harassed at school, etc. The typical junk that the defense tries to do.

I do wonder how this would be played out if all of the circumstances were the same but the shooter had been a woman instead.



Wow, so shoot a person for making a pass on you?


Just a bit of an over-reaction.


Lotta women would be dead right now, in my case.

Oh wait, making a pass on you? I thought you said "ignorning and passing on you."


So this Gif is probably not appropriate.


Single bars just became serious business.


Nor do any of the other posts......it was just my reaction to the story. It sounds premedited based on that story. If a witness was told by the shooter that he was going to do it and the shooting took place just as described then I would say it was premeditated


It is ridiculous that anyone would side with the shooter here....unless they think it is ok for women to now shoot ugly guys who hit on them.


X there are people here arguing in another thread that an animal (as in a Dog) is more important than a human life. Nothing is surprising any longer.


You mean it's not okay?

Shit, I've been doing it wrong.



I just know that anyone for this shouldn't complain a bit the next time some woman degrades them in front of all her friends just for saying "hi".


Truly. Nice to know who has my back in the event that a choice between me and Fido arises.


ID I have saved well over a hundred human lives during my career, a few I was sole responsible for. As a hillbilly I was raised to respect animals but they are just that animals, once a lab/great dane mix attacked my brother. Me and my dad took him out to the pasture and shotgun to the back of the head.


Well, wouldn't it depend on the human? I mean if it means saving Hitler or some rabid gay-feminist activist, wouldn't it be okay. Especially if the are rabid and all and should be put down anyway.


Really? I am not omniscient. As soon as you start putting yourself as judge, jury and executioner you really need to take a step back and look in the mirror.


Sarcasm. I know it is hard to tell when there are people who actually believe these things.