Has Someone Tried Mexican Labs?

Someone has tried mexican labs?

Are you speaking of a company called mexican labs or just referring to labs from mexico in general?
Ive used stuff from a mexican lab in the past, however wont anymore in the future. Just heard way too many horror stories in the past regarding mexican gear.

[quote]serch wrote:
Someone has tried mexican labs?[/quote]

I used a bunch of mexican labs. There great for burritos. I suggest carne assada. Lots o f good pro. Ok I can’t sleep to night and getting goffie.

Mexican labs, black labs, brown labs, gold labs they’re the same dog but with different hair colors, and they taste the same, but if your looking for love I haven’t a clue you sicko.

Its been a while but I’ve used all sorts of gear from mexican labs. I’ll tell you I don’t anymore. Just go out in back of the humane society check out all the fruits of castration. Each one stuffed with highly anabolic test. Extract, serialize, attach you preferred ester inject and grow.

HaaaGaaaaaR! The Horrible

Well that was helpful !!! Stay away from Mex Labs, most shut down years ago, and to many fakes going around.

I love those one post wonders…geez…

realy search??? who tried mexican labs??? tell us!!! who is that someone?

[quote]serch wrote:
Someone has tried mexican labs?[/quote]

no way!! who?? who tried it?? are they ok?