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Has Society Become too Pussified?


i mean just look at us. we always look for the easy way out of everything. social networking sites such as facebook have allow us to bitch moan and complain about everything. we are too scared to do simple stuff like talking to women at times...

just wondering if anyone here shares my views, or think of other ways we have become pussified


Sure is, buddy. But by bitching about your problems on social networking/supplement selling/training advice site, you're doing exactly what society wants you to do.

You're just another brick in the wall.


66% or more of the US is obese. The requirement for which they raise every day, to avoid damaging people's self esteem.*

no, fuck no, we're BEASTS!! strong! intelligent! honest! no, we're not pussies.

*my self esteem comes from me. maybe im weird.


Wouldn't complaining about it only further it?


Most of the people on this site would probably fall into the obese category of the BMI test that the governments use so I would take that number with a grain of salt.


Taking the easy way does not a pussy make. Everything from water to animals favors the path of least resistance. But yes we are over pussified as a society. This is because being stereotypically masculine is taboo, whereas being stereotypically feminine is encouraged. It is a one-way ratchet. I'm not worried, though: An army of women and effeminate men is nothing real men fear.



Let people become the fattest, stupidest, most socially awkward bunch of decadent miscreants the world has ever seen.

Then when they are completely useless and helpless people of actual value or skill can take them for everything they have and they won't be able to lift a finger to stop you.

[/psychotic plan to rule the world]


There are WAY more people who are obese rather than muscular, so that number does have weight to it.


Maybe they should start fearing it. That same army makes all of the laws and regulations. It sets the standards for society as a whole making it harder and harder every year for guys who do act more masculine than the average mouse sitting behind a desk in a cubicle to simply keep functioning.


What you call "psychotic", I call "Genius".


Is it really 66%?


Traditional masculine norms, as described in Dr. Ronald F. Levant's Masculinity Reconstructed are: "avoidance of femininity; restricted emotions; sex disconnected from intimacy; pursuit of achievement and status; self-reliance; strength and aggression; and homophobia."

Statistics, including market research by Euro RSCG, show that the pursuit of achievement and status is not as important to men as it used to be; and neither is, to a degree, the restriction of emotions or the disconnection of sex from intimacy. Another norm change is supported by research that claimed men "no longer find sexual freedom universally enthralling." The most important shift in masculinity is that there is less avoidance of femininity and the "emergence of a segment of men who have embraced customs and attitudes once deemed the province of women." What is accepted as "masculine" has shifted considerably throughout the times, so the modern concept of how a man "should be" differs from the ideal man of previous eras. Some styles and behaviors that are today considered feminine were, in the past, part of the man's domain (e.g., knee britches, makeup, jewelry).

Changes in culture and attitudes toward masculinity, visible in the media through television shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer as Folk and Will & Grace, have changed these traditional masculine norms. Metrosexuals only made their appearance after cultural changes in the environment and changes in views on masculinity.

Simpson explains in his article "Metrosexual? That rings a bell..." that "Gay men provided the early prototype for metrosexuality. Decidedly single, definitely urban, dreadfully uncertain of their identity (hence the emphasis on pride and the susceptibility to the latest label) and socially emasculated, gay men pioneered the business of accessorisingâ??and combiningâ??masculinity and desirability."


Anyone here from Chicago? If so....Chad is a generally derogatory slang term referring to a young urban white man, typically single and in his 20s or early 30s.[1] The term originated during the 1990s in Chicago, Illinois, and was further popularlized by a satirical website dedicated to the Lincoln Park Chad Society, a fictional social club based in Chicago's upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood.[2] The female counterpart to the Chad, in slang, is the "Trixie".[3]

A Chad is typically depicted as originating in Chicago's affluent North Shore suburbs (Highland Park, Lincolnshire, Deerfield, Northbrook, Glencoe, Winnetka, Glenview, Wilmette, or Lake Forest), attending private prep school, receiving a BMW for his 16th birthday, obtaining a law degree from a Big Ten University, belonging to a fraternity, moving to Lincoln Park, marrying a Trixie, and then moving back to the North Suburbs.[4]

As such, "Chads" are not unique to Chicago but representative of a stereotyped subculture in contemporary America. However, the term's use is specific to the Chicago area.


The BMI counts anyone 215 lbs and over at my height (5"11') in the obese category. Not everyone who's 215+ lbs at 5"11 looks good but they aren't what I would call obese.

The amount of fat out of shape people is inreasing, but 66% is too high.


No. It's just that the guys that sit behind desks visit web forums, whereas the guys working construction, running their own business, or working for the DoD generally don't take the time to do so (with exceptions of GrowingBoy, Renton, and Alpha, respectively)


I believe 2/3 of the population is either overweight or obese.


I believe we are too pussified. Where I work, the few of us who are masculine joke about the overabundance of estrogen running through the place.

As for obesity, it depends on what definition you use. BMI is irrelevant, since it is based upon weight. If you go by the percentage of bodyfat definition of obesity, I still believe we are close to that 66%. For men over 25% bf is obese. For women over 33% is obese. A simple visual inspection will prove that most people you see are in the obese category or darn close to it.


Yes, but if push comes to shove and masculinity is essentially being made illegal, how are those laws going to be enforced? It's the same reason why I can't take any woman very seriously in a heated argument; at the end of the day, my money is on the holders of aggression and physical superiority.


The media is definitely encouraging the behavior like it has so many behaviors before it. It's all part of their master plan. Part of why 1984 is no longer in school libraries, let alone mandatory reading in schools. They want you to be a pushover. They want you to be weak and obedient. Women in this regard as a whole get what they want, and men, all of whom are taken at a young age without any real role models for manliness, wouldn't know any better..

The great human experiment never ended. Unfortunately self education for most of the population is not the path of least resistance nature has set for them.
You're on to something. So, pick up a book and read, then judge for yourself whether you have what it takes to have the spine for humanity or just shut up and be passive because they don't care--the people you describe.


This will set most "Chads" straight.