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Has Schwarzenegger Been a Good Governor?

Really interested in what people from California have to say about this…

Fuck no !!!

He has been a lukewarm Republican, who raised taxes only to fund the state pension beast. He raised the car tax, state income tax, and reduced child tax credits for families to again fund the state pension beast. He campaigned on being tough against the unions, only to bend over and lube himself up for them. He caved in on nearly every issue. He increased state government by 40%, even in the face of a recession. He turned a blind eye to border security, he lied during his Prop 1A idea, he has driven out more business and industry with his insane taxes and regulations.

For some reason, Arnold and state legislature seem to think that people, business, and industry are forced to stay in California. Not to mention, Nevada being right next door, which offers zero state income tax, it is no wonder why so many business, industries, and people have left to more tax and regulation friendly places. Texas also is very inviting to people in the financial aspect.

He is a disgrace, he has no idea how to run a budget or stand up for what is right. We want him out, like, yesterday.

My friend Growing_Boy is from California.

He says:

“He’s been a lame fuck governor that really has done nothing for the state but give people from other states the ability to say, “oh yeah you guys have The Terminator for governor.” Oh and instantly veto Davis’ “give the illegals driver’s licenses” act when he came to power. Thats about the only two noteworthy things the Austrian asshole has done. TO THIS DAY…I cant understand the motherfucker. Speak some fucking English. Seriously, screw the assholes on welfare because they cost me money out of my wages but why not start cutting the fat from the elite and not the masses for once. The state is fucked. The gap is huge and the squeeze wont really fill that crater. As long as I can pimp this whore out some more and get a few more bucks out of her, I dont give two fucks about what happens to California. He backed off off-shore drilling and that was the only real interest left for me in this heap. I built fleeting wealth riding this pig high and in 4 wheel drive during the housing boom and thank the whoreson state that much but nothing more. I’ve been fucked over by every single revenue yielding state institution so I’m glad its all going to hell.”

He has anger problems

^^ Sounds perfectly normal to me.

Thanks guys. Living in New Jersey, my opinion is very limited. A discussion came up about him the other day and I wasn’t sure what to say since I don’t really know much about him outside of that commercial that is on t.v. every hour (or at least it seems).

Don’t be fooled by his celebrity, marrying a Kennedy didn’t help him with politics. He is a weak fool who panders to unions, he is not the hero you see on the big screen.

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