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Has My Progress Been Good?

ive been training for around 7 months and have gained i would say around 20 lbs while throwing some fat down the toilet. Here are my stats: height: 6’0 weight: 182lbs age: 17 i broke my arm three years ago playing soccer and then 2 years ago again so ive lost all of my strength twice now.

Deadlift: 270 estimated one rep max
Squat: 205 for 3 reps
Bench: 135 for 10 reps this was actually my first time benching since i previously was doing one hand pushups

This is my old routine: day 1: one hand pushup, weighted dips, chinups, dumbbel curl
day 2: pistols (ass to grass one legged squat), shoulder press, and upright row
day 3: hanging leg raise, dragon flag, calf
week 1:mon day 1 wed day 2 fri day 1 and day 3 tuesdays and thursdays, the next week i would do day 2 twice


lat spread

front bi


most muscular…kinda


actually this is the beginners forum,

either troll or noob

20 net lbs after fat loss is great for 7 months! Enjoy those initial gains while they last! Still work to do to look like you lift, but you’re on the right track. You look lean and have more muscle than most lean people your height.

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Dude, what’s wrong with this post? It’s in the beginners forum…

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believedat wrote:

Dude, what’s wrong with this post? It’s in the beginners forum…[/quote]

i think he wanted me to put it in rate my physique, yeah right maybe in a few years

Ok, let’s fast forward three months to look at my progress. I now weight 200 lbs at 6’ and these are my stats:
Squat 270 lbs,
Bench 210 lbs,
Deadlift 255 lbs for 10 reps

This is my routine: a two way split based on rippetoe.
Day 1:
Squat 230 lbs 3x5
Bench Press 165 3x5
Deadlift 265 1x5
Bicep curls 40 lbs 19 RP
pec deck 70 lbs 26 RP
sitted calf raises DC style 90 lbs

Day 2:
Squat 235 lbs 3x5
Press 110 lbs 3x5
Power clean 135 lbs 3x5
Pullups BW 16 RP
tricep pushdowns 12 plates 22 RP
standing calf raises drop setted





Not bad for another three month man.

Looking thicker and the training program looks alot better now :wink:

You doing weighted pull-ups? How many at what weight?

What’s your current press?

You mentioned DL 255 for 10, what rep scheme are you using on all your lifts?

For me, if you added abit of thickness to lats, and added mass to your shoulders you’d look a whole lot better. It might just be me. Give us a side chest/tri, or some other side on pose to give us a better idea of shoulder thickness, it might just be your funny posing? In the rear dbl bi rear delts look tiny. Arms look small too, but they seem to take a long time to grow, esp. if you are six foot. You have only been working out for 10 months, right?

Anyway, over-all good progress, keep at it. Are you planning to continue to gain weight, cut, maintain?

Ok, here’s a side pose. I edited my post and added poundages and set/rep scheme. I plan to keep on gaining and gaining.

delts look heaps better from that angle.

Set/rep scheme looks good, 3x5 is always solid.

Yeah just stick at it man, you’ve obviously got the motivation. Good progress over the last couple of months.
Man I wish I got into lifting when I was your age, I’d be a tank by now!!

Keep at it!