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Has My Form Improved? (vids)


Today PR of 315 X 3:

Last week, 320 X 1:

Either way, strong gain in 5 days lol. I'm loving these newb gains. Hard work and lots of food, nothing magic to all the kids who call themselves hardgainers. I used to weigh 136 lbs at 6'1" less than a year back.

That's besides the point, sorry. I focused on keeping the butt down, they still wanted to come up first. Shoulders look like they might be right over the bar. All advise is welcome! There are some bigger guys in there that said it looked pretty solid but they also said my hips rise first. I dropped the weight and did a lot of reps afterwards to work on it, much better.



hey, first off i love the name. go buy some god damn lotion lol. anyway... the initial start position is good, and it looks like the hips are coming through at the top but damn my back hurts watchin. you are correct, your hips do come up first and it looks like you are more or less pulling up instead of trying to pull back. trying to pull back and leading with your head off the bat might help that out, i would also try doing some rack pulls maybe knee high or around there and practice on just that thing. but it seems like your form is a little better since last week but the guys in your gym shouldn't be saying that it's good. i also noticed you had to regrip each time on the reps, not sure if you need extra grip work or if that's just somethin you like to do, but you should prolly just try to keep your grip set from the start and not re grip so many times or at all.

i took a screen shot just to emphasize how high your hips are and how bad of a position this is. but if you are gonna do more full range stuff i would try to cut back on the weight and work on keeping your hips down, pulling back, leading with the head and pushing the hips through. hope that might help, but whatever you do try to stay away from this position:



Haha, man I think you're the first one to call out my username. I wish Chapelle would have never went to rehab or whatever and was still making new seasons.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the help man. Those screen shots make it a lot easier to see what you mean on what I need to fix. I do do rack pulls but I'm doing them just to kind of activate the CNS before doing full deads. I hate how I think I finally get this down and then realize I have a lot of work to do, but if it were easy everyone would be deadlifting :wink:

Thanks man, I'll keep posting these vids every now and then to see if I get the hang of things.



Looks better. As soon as the bar passes your knees you need to "hump the bar" by driving your hips forward. Right now you are keeping your ass back instead of driving it forward into the lockout position.


Looks good. Kick ass gym!


Where do you train at? I'll be going to KU next fall and looking for a place to lift.


NATOR - Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind.

Kyle - Thanks buddy

Hoops - I used to lift at the rec center, which is free for all students. I don't like going there just cause a lot of the kids piss me off, and I don't like running into someone I know cause they'll want to talk all day long lol. And good luck getting a bench there if it's past noon haha.

I'm lifting at Robinson, which is right next to the rec center. I talked to a PT at the rec center who knows his shit and told me about it. It's just $35 for the semester and it a way better environment then the rec center. Oh yeah, no power racks at the rec center either :frowning: but this place has 6 of them. It was heaven the first time I lifted there