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Has My Body Had Enough of "Cutting"?


So basically i went through a disc surgery last summer and ever since November or so i decided to try Keto diet to lose some weight since i couldn’t exercise or anything during the time. I was maybe around 107-8 kg when i started and now i’m at 92 kg / 196 cm. 23 years old btw. I was at 2000 calories when i hit the wall so i decided not to decrease any further cause i was gonna start going to gym again after several months so i thought i could make the deficit through exercise instead. I went for 2000 calories + 4 days/week at gym but my weight didn’t change in 3-4 weeks so i decreased my calories to 1800 and i still didn’t lose nothing.

I’m not lifting heavy duo to my condition but i do really high volume/high reps to compensate for that. I’m usually 3 hours at gym, 1/5-2 hours for regular lifts, 30 minutes for abs/back strengthening for my injured disc and 45 minutes of light bicycling. 2 lower and 2 upper body sessions per week. And no, i’m not playing around those 3 hours, i keep the rest time at max 1 min and i’m really working my ass off. So now for the past 2 weeks i tried carb refeeds, i ate whatever i wanted and didn’t count, mostly junk, i gained like 4-5 kgs and i lost it all after 2-3 days and i was at 92 again. I really don’t know what is wrong since i’ve tried lot of things but my weight seems to be stuck no matter what changes i make.

PS// I count my calories very carefully and i’ve been very strict about carbs all these 5-6 months, my macros most of days are 40-45% protein, 50-55% fat, 5% carbs.

Your calories have been way too low for too long and hour training is terrible (too long also). That’s what’s wrong.

Up your calories to 2800 cal/day for a while. In that, have 200 grams protein (BW in lbs in grams), 65 grams fat (20% of total calories) and 360 grams carbs (remaining calories). Train for 90 minutes at most on the weights. Pick four exercises, and hammer those. Once a week do some bike sprints (back friendly), maybe 10 rounds. Once a week do some LISS (15-30 minutes). After a few weeks (two to four will probably do), drop your calories to 2700 cal/day. Split the calories as before. That will hopefully last you a good couple of months of steady progress, then go down to 2600 cal/day, etc. Don’t go below around 2300 cal/day.


In a gym? 4 days a week? No wonder your body is playing up, your torturing the poor thing!

drop cardio, eat at maintenance for 2 weeks, get at least 150g of carbs while you do so.

You’re doing the typical yo-yo/one extreme to the other thing. You need at least 2 weeks to just relax. Don’t binge, just relax.

There’s way too many stressors being hammered all at the same time. Mark’s right, you need 2800 calories for a couple of weeks, with minimal cardio, in order to get your body back to “normal”.

After this period is over, start dropping your calories in 200 increments, every few weeks.

Good luck!


Thank you for the reply, should i just jump start to 2800 directly or increase week for week? btw i don’t do anything beside gym sessions, sitting and laying most of the day.
And another question about macros you wrote, don’t you think jumping to that high amount of carbs after 5-6 months of < 20g carbs will cause problem?

Jump up now. This is what I anticipate will happen: within a day or two your scale weight will go up. Don’t worry, it’ll be water and glycogen. This is no bad thing. Initially you may find it hard to eat more, or you may go the other way and get massively hungry. Stick to your calories and macros. Try to not train for a few days, maybe a week. Just go for a few walks, outside.

If you pick the right carb sources, there shouldn’t be any major issues. First day or two you might be a little sluggish and for a short time a little constipated, but that’s about it. White rice and white potatoes are probably the best mainstays. Oats too if they agree with you. Sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, etc are yummy and OK, but not as bang for your carb buck. Bread, pasta and other wheat products can often bloat or upset things so I tend to avoid then. You can also do things like take some apple cider vinegar morning and evening to help with insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon apparently works too. I’ve been playing with that.

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Except for your recovery and strengthening of your back…

… I’m assuming these are bodyweight movements?

Definitely walking and riding outside is so much nicer than a gym IMO.

If this is the case it may be nicer to your mind and body if you split up your day with 2 sessions. Maybe start the day with outside activities than go to the gym later in the day to do your rehab. Depending on how long and how motivated you are for the gym, it will help to keep that routine up.

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Alright thanks a lot, i just ate my first day of 2800 kcal diet last night, hope its all gonna be gonna good in 2-3 weeks.

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Yeah they are mostly isometrics and bodyweight exercises. I used to do the opposite for a while cuz if i dont go to gym max 2 hours after waking up then i start to make all kind of excuses to cheat so i usually just wake up, chill for 30 minutes or so, drink my black coffee and just go to the gym and if the weather is good, i go for a slow walk in afternoon just to burn those last calories before i break my fast.

I’ve gotta bump this thread now, so tomorrow is gonna be exactly 2 weeks that i’ve been eating 2800 kcal, i’m doing no cardio at all but i still keep it keto for time being. Surprisingly enough, i haven’t gained nothing, maybe less than half a pound if it’s not the scale fcking with me. I have 2 questions now, I maintained at 1800 kcal, now i suddenly maintain at 2800 kcal, should i like increase further more to see if i can still maintain or not?
Second question is, is 2 weeks actually enough to kick start my fat burning again? I have a tiny bit to lose so i really don’t wanna end up where i began this. like dropping it to 2600 kcal and see nothing happening, dropping to 2400 and nothing, so on and so forth.
I’m really thankful that i took your advises and just jumped to 2800. Hope you can help me once again to take the correct approach about this.

yes, 2 weeks is enough to normalise your hormones so you can go back into a deficit.

If you’d like to learn more about the science, Lyle McDonald has written extensively on the subject. He goes into detail about this in his Rapid Fatloss Handbook and also his Guide To Flexible Dieting, both of which make for a very interesting read even if you have no intention of doing the actual diet(s).

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Oh thank you for recommendations, i’m surely interested to learn more.

Is 200 kcal deficit good starting point in my situation or should it be more?

I think 200 cal/day is a good place to start for sure.

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x2 all of Markko’s advice -seems like its working well

Start adding in compound dumbell/free weight movements that dont piss off your back. These a good way to ease into it…


Thank you so much for all the help so far, how long do you think i should stick with 200 deficit before dropping?

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As long as possible. If you’re seeing progress (looking better, waist smaller, scale weight dropping, etc) there is no need to drop. If you see no change for 10 days or more, then you can look at dropping calories slightly.

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