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Has GROW! grown?

Was wondering if the recent price reduction in Grow and Surge has sent the sales soaring? Are they now on par with the other Biotest supplements?

I don’t know, but TC just had me go buy every $3000 Louis Vuitton handbag I could find so he could cut them up and reupholster the seats of his new Bentley, just like the rappers do.

(Kidding, kidding…)

I don’t think they even have Louis Vuitton hand bags in Texas, do they? Or at least they shouldn’t. Maybe things went to hell when Ann Richards was governor.

Chris- go over the border into Mexico and you can get those swapmeet Louis’s for next to nothing. I once told TC that he and I should go into business with him going over there to get them for me and me selling them up here in Vegas for 10 times the price. Obviously he didn’t need the money that bad as he ignored my request. But if your interested I will let you in on it 60-40…(lol)-Julianne