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Has Creatine Caused Anyone Here Heart Palpitations?

Ya I stopped taking it 2 days ago. Not sure if it’s placebo or not but it does seem like they are starting to die down. Seems like the ones I am getting are much more minor too almost like not even that thump but more like just a baby pulse barely can feel it.

Ya when you research it though there are a lot of threads on creatine causing heart palpitations I am definitely not the only one. I have also heard like you said a lot of people have said in other threads that cardiologists told them to stop with creatine.

I accept your apology btw and appreciate your help and input.

That’s good.

Individual physiology and chemistry can be tricky. A friend of mine used to get seizures from some brain damage caused by a head trauma. Typically they were mild and considered controlled by meds. Introduce creatine though and Zap! Major increase in frequency and severity.

One other path to look down, and don’t take this as gospel, definitely address it with your MD, etc- could be mild angina. I get that quite frequently, though mild, and it feels kind of like palpitation. Sort of a fluttery bubbly sensation that occasionally tightens up into a pinching feeling just to the right of the sternum (in me) and does not show up on an ekg.

If you don’t have any previous history of heart disease it could warrant a further look as a harbinger of things to come.

Well idk when they did the ultrasound of my heart the technician said if there were any blockages or even partial blockages they would be able to see it there and he said he didn’t see any.

I agree with what your saying though about things to come in the future. I know something is causing these stupid palpitations though the doctor assured me not to worry about em and he said they are completely benine I still would love to get rid of em.

I notice is speeds up my metabolism wildly. Same as a b-complex vitamin.

I actually get hopped up like what I imagine speed feels like .

It’s cool for feeling younger but unless you’re prepared to increase food intake it will do more harm than good.