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Has Bodybuilding Helped Your Grades?


I am taking physiology right now, and over the past few months we have gone on over a lot of very cool stuff, but most of it I already knew because all of the reading I have done here on T-Nation. Why creatine works, why muscles fatigue, why you accumulate lactic acid, central fatigue leading to muscle weakness, fatty acids being the energy source for light (~25% of Vo Max) exercise, Fast v slow twitch fibers. I can't imagine being tested on some of this stuff if it doesn't interest you...

So has bodybuilding helped anyone else in school??

Ps...i have a 95 test average in physiology/pathophysiology...thanks T-Nation!


Nice job with the 95 average.

I'm going to try to take a nutrition class next semester, we'll see how that goes.

I also recognized the majority of what my friend was talking about when he was talking to me about his kineseology class. That was only a 3 minute conversation, though. I guess I got lucky.


no cause i just look at the pictures.


I'm taking a nutrition class next semester. However, its an online class. I don't know if I will learn that much from a text book. I guess whatever I don't get from the book, I can get from the forums.


I took a nutrition class and it went against everything T-Nation said. The digestion stuff was okay, but the stuff about eating 6-12 servings of grains, avoiding fat, and eating very little protein was the usual BS mainstream dietitians say.

Biochemistry paralleled what I learned on T-Nation.

I think having an interest in bodybuilding/health will make science classes like that seem more interesting, which definitely helps your grade.


not remotely...
It has helped me in lots of other ways outside of the gym, but grades are not one of them. I still get good grades, but going to the gym every day takes a few hours out of my "at home" time. I basically get home, go to the gym, do homework, and sleep. I don't really have free time on week nights anymore. This is all between/while trying to get in food.

It's an upgrade from my old schedule (Freshman year) though...
get home, World of Warcraft, oh shit it's 11... I'll copy the homework tomorrow morning
...fuck I have a quiz on this crap tomorrow..


Oh yeah. my food prep, which I took as a BS elective in hopes of having it first and coming in stoned and eating, teacher think that I'm very smrt.


Damn I know what the WoW binge is like, I was the same. My girlfriend wouldn't call me either because i'd be busy playing that game.

Then I started lifting, haven't touched it since.

Has BB helped me outside the gym? Yeah its changed my life style. In regards to school it just keeps me interested on certain topics. Math still sucks though because I still can't count past 45, because the weights don't go above that.


Training helped me a little bit in anatomy, but nothing to write home about. I'll be interested to see how my current knowledge base meshes with the nutrition class I'll be taking next year.

The best thing training has done for my grades has been keeping me disciplined.


I know dude, I quit at the end of last year too. I fucking hate that game so much. My life has become infinitely more awesome since I stopped being a WoW faggot and started lifting.


Just contain yourself and don't call your teacher an idiot for telling you that nobody could make any use of more than 60g of Protein a day.


I got a 110 in A&P 1 lecture and a 108 in A&P 2 lecture. Also 100+s in Exercise Phys, Sports Nutrition and Weight Control, Kinesiology, etc. . .

I attribute quite a bit of that to T-Nation.


So if I want an easy minor would physiology or nutrition be good? I've read everything I can find related to lifting weights and strength training.


Go phys, the nutrition you'll learn in school is largely moronic, physiology is way better.


Agreed. +5 lbs on the squat is far superior to +5 strength on the latest season's boots.


Why not take a minor that is relevant to your major?...


Yeah, and the shit you'd do just to get a 2 stat point upgrade. Grind for like 8 fucking hours to upgrade a few stat points.

People, if you are considering playing WoW, don't. Don't fucking do it. Go lift. Go outside. Go play a sport. Go marvel at life or build a sandcastle.
...god I hate that game...
OK I'm done with my rant. Carry on.


I've already seen some of the notes for the class, and they mention that athletes/active people will need more protein than that.

I'm more interested since doctors are notoriously shoddy when it comes to diet advice for athletic performance/bodybuilding purposes, and I'm in med school at the moment. I'm sure a big part will be focused in vitamins and their associated deficiencies. I hope the class will be updated to reflect the obesity epidemic. Hopefully it will go further than low-fat diets.


That wouldn't exactly be easy and I don't have any desire to have a job dealing with psychology. I wan't a minor that would be interesting to study. I just need the extra elective hours to graduate so it doesn't really even have to be a minor, just something to take up a bunch of hours. Feel me?


If you want something that's a joke minor, take nutrition. Psych takes a lot of work for most people, and physiology can get very involved. Or just load up on ridiculously easy courses, like first-year German.

Lifting hasn't helped my grade per se, except when it's time for muscle/nutrition. But it does keep me relatively sane through it all, so it's definitely a big help.