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Has Anyone Worked with Triple Canopy???

Recently left an 11 year LE career (8 years full time SWAT) and was looking into Triple Canopy. I know a few guys on the training end of things but haven’t really talked with anyone that has gone over with them.

I recently got hired on with the local Fire Dept. and am in training right now, but I’m just not sure how that is going to suit me. Just looking into some other options more along the lines with my background and experience.

If anyone has experience with TC I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

I know of them. Actually hired a couple of my guys from them. What are you looking to do?

My impression of them is that they are very professional without much “I’m a super badass” mentality. Their management and the original investors are also pretty decent people with good personality (don’t know how else to phrase that).

@Darthmason, just getting some info right now. Looking into different contracts and companies. I know most of all the contracts/deployments are at least a year and most likely in Afghanistan. I’ve heard good and bad about contract work, just looking for as many opinions and impressions as I can get.

thanks comus3

I assume this is a private security company? I haven’t heard of them specifically but friends of mine who came from the armed forces and law enforcement have nothing but great things to say in making that transition. I’ll speak with them and see if they know of anything specific about this company and post again.