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Has Anyone with E2-Related Sides Stabilized?

My current protocol which happens to be the one that I feel abso-fucking-lutely amazing on and have been for a long time now took a while before I didn’t feel worse than before I started it. I remember posting at 6 weeks in that the way I felt made me think this protocol wasn’t for me. I felt much worse than the previous protocol I was on and even though I was totally aware of the fact I usually don’t get any positive effects until after week 8 (on previous protocol changes), in my mind I was still right on the verge of convincing myself that at 6 weeks in this protocol wasn’t for me. Thank God I stuck it out another 2 weeks (end of week 8) because that’s when things really started changing for the better and eventually I got to about as perfect a TRT as I could ask for. That point where you don’t feel the need to tweak anything and even the thought of changing something and possibly never getting back to this point scares you after having gone so long never quite getting to a place where you felt totally optimal.

Moral of the story: Get through 8 weeks. Anything you feel before the end of 8 weeks is irrelevant and not going to be how you feel after that period so basing anything from the irrelevant period makes no sense. Yes it sucks but it’s part of the game.


This is good advice but so hard to hear. I’m guilty of giving up on protocol changes quickly because my sleep falls apart, and not sleeping well makes feel like I’d rather be dead.

What is your current protocol?