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Has Anyone Used GnRH?

Has anyone ever used this stuff? It's supposed to be the same as HCG?? I can get it from the vet, is it good?

Is HCG the same thing as GnRH?

[quote]cathead wrote:
Is HCG the same thing as GnRH?[/quote]


GnRH production is increased by Clomid and Novaldex. So “using” GnRH is not much different from using Novaldex.

HCG is a completely different hormone. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) has actions similar to LH (luteinizing hormone), but it is far more effective at treating hypogonadism.

Problem is: it may also increase production of Estrogen.

So, to summarize, for PCT purposes:

  • Novaldex / Clomid, besides being anti-E, increase GnRH which increases LH which increases T production (to an extent)

  • HCG directly stimulates the testes, making them grow and produce T, however you might get gyno

You might combine the two and get the best of both worlds (anti-E + HCG) but that may make you grow pink furry bunnies out of your ass (meaning: I have no idea if that has been done and if so what are the side effects).