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Has Anyone Tried This?


I came across this from a link on another thread. I was wondering if anyone had tried it?


Sounds interesting.


Gyarrrgh, that be the craziest hippie nonsense this pirate has ever heard....


I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish with this magical formula.

Just take your fish oil caps and eat well. Not sure why a magical formula is necessary.


It doesn't claim to be magic, it claims to be healthy.

I've done something similar to this before I ever read this web page, and after about three weeks my eczema cleared up and acne decreased. I had pretty bad eczema. Plus, I got leaner and felt better.

How much can be attributed to the flax oil and protein mix? I don't know, but when I got off, the eczema came back.



The way I undertand it, Eczema can be caused by food allergy(or yeast allergy?). Perhaps you refrained from eating a certain food(s) during this time that exaserbate your condition?