Has Anyone Tried This

Here’s an example

I have done this PRIME THE PUMP WORKOUT program twice. Both times I have seen significant improvements in my lifts and body. Both times I have also seen my lift partners go through substantial changes as well. In fact the changes in strength have been significant enough that one of my lift partners, who is a collegiate thrower and good enough to make it to nationals, was asked for a sit down by his coach because his coach was worried he had been taking banned substances. I wanted to see if any of you, who had tried this and fallowed it to the letter, if you had the gains that my friends and myself have had. For those of you who have not tried it, I suggest it to any lifter who is in need something new and intense. it is four weeks of truly long and hard workouts that at times did make me want to stop the workout, but in the end it paid off both times.

I just want to know what everyone else thinks of it, and if you have not tried it I suggest you look at the program and maybe consider giving 4 weeks of hell a try.