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Has Anyone Tried This PCT Combo?

Evening everyone, first time poster long time lurker. I’m 35 been on and off test e cycles since about 29, just not a fan of pumping all the different chems so I stick with enth. Cycles vary between 8-12 weeks but my most recent was a 12 at 750/wk and I’m having a great pct as usual. I got super lucky on another forum running into a provider who sold a pct combo of nolva/Adex/proviron, unfortunately I don’t think they are still around. I know not everyone’s a fan of nolva with the Adex but it’s always worked out well for me and the proviron is just an extra spark. I’m not looking for a source but I want to know if anyone has tried this or thought of trying it? And how did it work for you ?

Proviron is suppressive. It’s not optimal for pct. I don’t know why someone would make that combination but it’s counterproductive to the whole goal of recovery.

I don’t normally get blood work but this has seemed to keep me in balance in the past. You saying it’s not any good?

I was tracking at low doses like I’m
Taking it doesn’t hinder

It’s suppressive. How much so is up in the air. It’s certainly much more mild than many other things. But you’re trying to get natural test back up and running and while doing so you’re taking something that hinders that process. Again, how much it hinders it is an open question. Perhaps it’s nearly unnoticeable. But as a matter of science and biochemistry it is not the optimal way to do it.

What about the adex is that ever recommended for pct either? It seems every once in a while IL see it as part of someone’s pct but from the understanding I have of it I thought it would be unnecessary?

This pct combo has worked for me every time. I’m probably not as smart on the chemical breakdowns as most of the people on this site but it hasn’t given me a problem yet.

Adex is not part of a PCT. Want to grind your E2 down to nothing… experience joint pain, low libido, night sweats, and poor mood. Be my guest…