Has anyone tried the Grow! bars?

I know they are new, but by now I thought somebody might have them to try. If you have tried them, what are your opinions? How do they compare in texture and taste to other bars? Do they taste good from the first bite to the very last?

Bumpin’ it up. But I have heard through the grape vine that the peanut butter are ‘off the hook.’

I ordered the peanut butter two weeks ago and was called by Biotest and told they were sold out until, so now I am waiting on the lemon. As soon as I get my hands on some, I’ll be glad to give my humble opinion. Herc

Both flavors are amazing. Lemon is my favorite. The best thing about them is the taste!!! They also have very high quality protein in them. No B.S.

I’m in the same boat as Herc. Waiting for the lemon. Should be tomorrow or Fri.

Yea, I just got my lemon bars yesterday and the taste surpassed my expectations. Best “protein” bar I’ve had, and I think i’ve had most.

Lemon is my favorite, although the PB are tasty too.

Is there any aftertaste like some bars have?

The lemon bars are oh so moist and good! No aftertaste at all. Not hard and chewy like most bars, they melt in your mouth. Much better than any bar I’ve ever had and I’ve used them all!! Can’t wait to try the peanut butter ones. Hell, I don’t even LIKE lemon favored bars, I just ordered these because the PB’s were backordered already. But these are excellent. I’d like to see an MRP with this flavor come out. Once all four flavors come out, I’d also like to see a variety pack come out.

quick question guys. whats the p/c/f ratio on the bars? and im assuming that biotest doesnt use any soy.

Check the Biotest website. I know there’s 17g of carbs and 30g protein. I think fat is about 8-9g if my memory serves me correctly. Not bad for a carb-up day, eh?

nutrition facts are on www.biotestedge.com

30g protein, 32g carbs, 8g fat

A good MRP in other words.

My bad; I read the label too quickly.

The Peanut Butter and Lemon GROW! bars are incredible. The lemon tastes like lemon cake and the peanut butter tastes like peanut butter cups. You better get your orders in quick because these bars are going fast!

I think the 32 grams of carbs includes the glycerine content unlike many misleading bars. Many have started to make a point to let the consumer know which is good.

When will we see the Grow! bars in Walmart? :slight_smile: Actually, I was shocked to see my small, local Wally World carrying Labrada Low-carb bars. I had the Texas Pecan Pie and it was actually very good. It might give the Grow! bars a run for there money. I’ll have to try some Grow! bars and compare them.

I just got my Grow! bars and am shocked at how good they taste. I expected the lemon to be good since I like other lemon bars, but these are way better. Can’t wait to try other flavors.

Savored my first lemon grow bar about 3 hrs ago: whoah! This ain’t no protein bar! Tastes like cake. Thank ya Timmie for another great product.

Have to echo everyone else’s review of the lemon bars. They are awesome! No other protein bar has ever come even remotely close to tasting this good. I can’t wait for the second batch of peanut to be ready!!! Herc

I though some of you guys were exagerating a bit on the taste of these things, but I just got my Lemon Grow! bars and have to agree. They’re great!

Now I just have to figure out how to not eat them all in a day.