Has Anyone Tried Sildenafil Cream with TRT?

It shouldn’t do much to T levels if you are on TRT. I have seen it increase T and E2 in natties though. It will raise E2 for guys on TRT. I think that is the culprit in my higher libido, but not sure.

I am skeptical about this. It seems some do indeed get these side effects. Some bail and return to baseline, some stick with it, and report those sides go away (likely hormones stabilizing, and the sides were from the change in hormones).

I am of the opinion that it is a good drug to try out for guys that are just starting to shed and care about hair. If it doesn’t work out, stop taking it. If you don’t get sides, then it is a good pay off. You did get sides, so trying topical Dut is logical IMO.

8 clicks to get to 633ng TT? Wow. What’s the concentration?

200mg/g bottle. The original prescribed dose was 3 clicks morning and 3 click bedtime. 3 clicks was described as 3/4 gram.

But I’ve now decided to go back to testosterone Cypoinate 150mg/week taken in daily doses. Some guys are telling me to do twice a week doses….I’m guessing we respond differently. So maybe I’ll experiment. I’m waiting for the Cypoinate to ship. They say this last batch is going slower for some reason.

I know this is somewhat old but was bored and just reading through old posts as I don’t get on near as much anymore. Not sure if his bottle was similar to my compounding pharmacy, but mine only dispensed 10-20mg versus the 50 or whatever a lot do. For the life of me could not figure out how people were only needing 1-2 clicks and I was needing around 8. Then someone posted a pic of their cream that was dispensed off one click and was equivalent to around 5 clicks of mine and finally realized mine just dispensed a smaller amount than most.

Yeah that’s a really good point that I hadn’t considered. Each click on mine was .25g/mL, but some others may be a smaller amount