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Has Anyone Tried Sildenafil Cream with TRT?

I was on a compound pharmacy site and saw 10mg sildenafil cream. It’s described as enhancing sensitivity and lubrication as well.

Worth trying or is this just crap? Also, if I tried it, would it enhance my erections if I’m already taking 5mg Cialis per day? Or not wise to take both?

Is the product intended for men?

UGLs (under ground labs) sell something called “cock bombs”. It is a Cialis / Viagra combo (like 25 mg / 50 mg for each). I would think the erection from those would be legendary. I am no expert, but I would think taking small amounts of both would work better and have less side effects than taking a large quantity of one. I don’t think there are contradictions for using both, aside from low blood pressure, which you could get from taking a lot of one of them.

I don’t see much benefit for a cream though. Viagra isn’t taken daily in most cases, so I don’t see much liver benefit for a cream.

I saw it on the medical wellness center website. They also offer topical dutasteride.

Not convinced on that topical dutasteride. I’ve seen contradictory reports on serum DHT. In theory, it doesn’t get into the blood serum due to molecular size, but some seem to have labs that show over time it lowers their blood serum DHT. Not sure what to believe for that one. If it had no impact on serum DHT, I’d give it a try.

If the Viagra cream isn’t super expensive, or you don’t care about cost, you could give it a try. Generic stuff is cheap for tabs though. I am skeptical on stuff like this. Not that it doesn’t work, but that the only reason it is in a cream is so that they have a unique product that can’t really be compared to generic tabs (which are likely a magnitude of order less expensive).

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Let me ask you one other question while you’re here. Do you know anything about “Brain Candy”? I’ve had a couple of guys tell me that it does boost dopamine at least up some extent and they feel they’re drive enhanced. Do you think that’s a placebo effect or does this supplement seem to work for most guys?

I believe it has caffeine in it, so it probably does help with drive. I think caffeine boosts dopamine a bit too, so they may be correct. I don’t know much about the other ingredients.

But it is a supplement. I don’t expect much from supplements in general (at least compared to pharma). I know caffeine works, and a few other things have given me a stimulant feel that are supplements (beta alanine).

I have never had anything supplement wise that compares to the couple of times I’ve had adderall. If your expectations are in line with what you should expect from a supplement, I bet it is solid.

You can make your own version of this. L-tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine. There is also vinpocetine and some other nootropics that you can look at.

We used to take something like this for Vegas weekends or just party weekends. My friend said they were combo Cialis/Viagra, I never asked about the mg. But man, the headache was the fucking worst. Like want to die migraines a day after taking them. Like it amplified your hangover or something.

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Both have headache as a side effect. I’ve tried both at the same time (but separate tabs split), but 12.5 mg Cialis, and 25 mg Viagra, so about half. No headache for me.

I did at one point almost ordered a lot of cock bombs on accident lol. I was stocking up on test, and the code for test E was one number different than the cock bombs (orals all had the same starting in their code, and injectables so shared the first part of the code). I already had some nolva which has the oral tab code, didn’t catch it that I used the oral start of the code for the test E. I got a confirmation and I saw that I had ordered 1500 cock bombs. Had to cancel that order.

I’ve taken daily 5 cialis. Then 50-100 Viagra on an empty stomach. Steel…

I’ve since started 10mg daily and only Viagra if I think I can’t get it up.

It’s strange. When I take Cialis daily around noon everyday, I don’t feel it benefiting my erection for the most part until the next morning. When I wake up I’m having much more firmer erections due to the previous day’s noon Cialis. I wonder why it takes so long with me. I primarily get blood shot eyes and red face as side effects. Occasional headache but not always.

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Cialis, has a long half life (36 hours). I think long half life also means in most cases that it takes a while to build up to a good level of drug in your system. I wouldn’t expect Cialis to work in an hour like Viagra. Cialis, you take for the weekend. Viagra, you take when you know it’s going down in about an hour.

I do fine with low dose Cialis and mostly stick to that. I have some Viagra tabs, but have only used them a couple of times. About an hour after a half tab of Viagra, it is crazy. I will usually wake up with some good erections during the night too.

Isn’t it bizarre that some including yourself do absolutely fine with daily low dose cialis. Some even say that a daily dose alongside TRT almost works too well. I have zero benefits from 5mg daily, literally has no effect on my erections

My friend tried Cialis and another one and didn’t get much benefit. When he told his urologist, he got a penile sonogram or ultrasound…whatever you call it. Some sort of blockage I think. He told me that cardiovascular problems can first show themselves in the form of ED and become bigger from there.

Maybe wise to ask a urologist about that?

I got some current labs back. This is while still taking 4 clicks Scrotal cream morning and 4 clicks at night. Wondering if anything pops out at you that I should be concerned about.

And this was a pre-Scrotal cream testosterone test:

You could try DHEA to bring that up a bit. I don’t think it will hurt, and it’s not that expensive (I don’t think).

Your blood is getting a bit thick (RBC, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit). Lab work is one thing, I think going by BP and heart rate is better. If you have high BP (or high heart rate) you might want to address the thick blood. It isn’t terrible, but it is over range. That could make your heart work harder than it has too. Check your BP. If all good, I would continue on, if high, I would think that along with the lab work showing thick blood would be enough for me to address the thick blood. Just how I would approach it.

I don’t particularly like the creams because of higher DHT levels with them compared to injections. That is more cosmetic related (hair loss). If you’re not worried (or not prone to MPB at all) about cosmetic things like head hair with the higher DHT, continue on.

Yeah, I have a bp kit that I got on Amazon. I test maybe 3x week. Stays around the norm, 122/82 and sometimes a few pts lower or higher. Stating 25mg DHEA up from 5mg that I’ve been taking. And yeah, hairloss matters to me BIG TIME!!! I’ve noticed some further thinning while on the cream. I put in for T Cypoinate and was told the latest batches are slower getting out…not sure why. Should have it by next Monday and will be on 150mg/ week, divided into daily insulin injections.

I also decided to order topical dutasteride. I’ve heard mixed messages on it. But I’ve heard some guys on this site talk about the effectiveness and little or no sexual side effects. So I’m hoping I’ll be in the no side effects camp…. Propecia was a disaster…couldn’t feel orgasms anymore. When I stopped, the feeling came back over a period of like a couple of yrs…

Let me know how this goes. I see conflicting reports on this. Hard to come up with a conclusion. Some say it eventually lowers serum DHT just as if you take it oral. Some say it lowers 25ish percent. Some say it doesn’t lower serum DHT. Don’t know what to think.

I got extremely high libido on Finasteride. Then I got ED. Thought it was directly from the Finasteride. It was indirectly giving me ED. I was so horny I was watching porn 3-4 times a day. That was too much for me regarding good erections during the real thing (which I was trying for everyday too). I backed off the porn, and the ED went away. I was on Cialis before and after the Finasteride, so it was the only variable that changed.

Yeah, I’ve been told finasteride raises T levels but most guys eventually get ed and or reduced sensitivity. I did start Cialis daily 5mg. And I’ve seen noticeable improvement. If I take it around noon, i usually wake up with a nice one and I’m ready to go. If I wanna be ready for nighttime then I take it in the morning. It works slow with me for some reason. Even a 20mg Cialis…an hour before??? Doesn’t work like that with me. It’ll kick in the following morning as I wake up and I can’t keep my hands off myself lol