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Has Anyone Tried Sealfit?


Has anyone here ever tried sealfit? If so, what did you think?


I have, for about three weeks.

I thought it was great, but at the time I was training for selection.

However, there is serious potential to injure yourself through overtraining, and it seemed to be the same excercises day after day. I noticed there was a LOT of shoulder work.

Do you have a goal in mind?


fat loss


Save. Yuorr money. Its hard but if u r gonna be a seal u are gonna be a seal. Many ppl that go to seal fit are dedicated and do pass "sometimes".


Sorry didn't read. They starve u. Not the best way to loss fat. There methlogy is starve so in battle u have reserves aka slow metbolic rate. Will u lose weight? Of course. Will u look better? Maybe. Are there better ways for fatloss? Of course there is.


Number Seven on this list. The guy was a Navy SEAL, and you get a lot of food according to him.

As far as SEALfit, try it for yourself. If you don't like the style, find something else, or create your own routine. For fat loss, you mainly want to look at your diet. However, Steady State cardio isn't as bad as most people say it is. Just stay active.


^^What the hell are you talking about? Are you saying that when you are a student at BUDs they starve you? If so.... you've been reading waaaaaay too much bullshit.

You get a good amount of food most of the time but you dont always get a good amount of time to eat it lol... plus the food isnt very good most of the time. I heard they just started making better meals for the students (who have their own galley now)