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Has anyone tried protein cycling?

I was reading some of the older issues and I read an article concerning protein cycling. I was wondering if anyone has tried this? If so, how were your results?

De: The consensus appears to be that it just didn’t pan out, contrary to it’s initial “hype”…

It just didn’t work for people…

I too saw that article, but i also saw the later article saying why it didn’t work. Apparently, those that tried it got mediocre results.

Well, if you are going to do something as drastic as the article suggests (4 weeks of low protein, with an intake of 20-40 grams daily) then you are bound to lose muscle and dance the “one step forward, one step backward” dance that Cy talked about in his “Protein Conspiracy” article. However, if you approach it in a more intelegent way (such as 3 days low and 3 days high as Akerfeldt has recommended), you will get good results. I have tried it in the past while taking in below maintainance calories and actually put on muscle.

Tried it - didn’t gain, didn’t lose.

The next time you have a question like this, though, it would be nice if you used the search function first.

I started on it and became very sick within a few days with the flu. Now the diet probably didn’t have anything to do with it but it doesn’t make me very enthused to try it again. I saw an article somewhere that was similiar but not as severe. You cut your intake of protein but only for a few days. I think less than a week. I haven’t been able to find that article so I can’t remember all the specifics.