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Has Anyone Tried Priligy for PE?

The urge to cum is too fast and I was wondering if anyone tried priligy, it sells on 30 and 60mg pills. I’ve tried pretty much everything else and im about to turn 30 so you can’t say anymore “it’s normal you are a teen” and so on. It’s hard to practice often since if you cum too fast girl don’t call you again. Hopefully a priligy+viagra combo delivers (i’ve tried cialis but it gives me an headache).

If you have tried priligy and you have real premature ejaculation, mention your dose, weight, and wether its from under or bought at local pharmacy. Thanks for input

Why so quick to jump on another pill? Have you tried edging? Solid edging routine will be more than adequate in helping any Pre-E issues bro. No need to jump straight to another substance.

Are you taking viagra too, or was that like a desired potential combination.

Yes, that’s actually the only way I can masturbate (edging). Start and stop technique. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in real sex.

I’ve done kegels, reverse kegels, all that. I’ve tried pretty much everything except priligy and lidocaine sprays.

so today I learned what “edging” is

So forgive me for my ignorance but this happens even you blew a load an hour or 2 prior? Does it happen with a long term relationship where things are “calmer”?

Yes, the urge to cum comes back quickly even after having cum a couple hours ago. It’s nonsense to fap before meeting a girl tho, I don’t feel like bothering after cuming, you lose your energy, the first one is the best one and wasting it with your hand to last longer doesn’t seem like a solution.

I’ve never had a long term relationship. It’s probably not even possible if you suffer from PE and im not interested anyway.

Anyone with actual premature ejaculation here that tried priligy?