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Has Anyone Tried Metabolic Meals?

Has anyone tried Metabolic Meals?

mymetabolicmeals . com

Joe Defranco recommends it (and gets a kick back for it). It seems pretty legit, though. I thought it would be nice for the work week.


Looks like Blue Apron for meatheads! I would just read some reviews and see if the food is of good quality. If you’re willing to pay for it seems like a decent enough thing.

Ya, that’s basically what I thought. I’ve got a co-worker that really likes Blue Apron and I respect what Defranco has to say and endorses.

I might give it a try. It’s all organic and free range/grass feed, which, for the price, seems like a pretty good deal. It works out to about $13.50 a meal.

A buddy of mine at work uses Blue Apron and had a free giveaway so he sent it to me. Not gonna lie, it was f*cking awesome.

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That’s good to hear. I figure it’d be a huge help for breakfast. I mean, I eat steel cut oats or eggs basically daily. I don’t mind the repetition, but it would be nice to mix it up from time to time.