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Has Anyone Tried Max-OT?


I'm thinking about switching to it, seems like a pretty solid program.
Has anyone tried it? Your experience on it and any tips would be appreciated.




Friend of mine tried it. He gained about thirty pounds or so in about seven or eight months. He swears by it. He has okay genes though, so that helped him a little bit.


Trained Max-OT for 4 x 8 week cycles. Took me from 140lbs to 160lbs in that time. I hit my all time highs in squat, deadlift, chin ups, bench press.

In the 3 years since then I've had to make runs at each lift seperately to beat the numbers I accomplished on that program where they were happening at the same time. It works. IF you can really get the idea of 4-6 down. It's near impossible to do without a training partner. My and my gal did it. She too hit her max's on every major lift.

But, it gets boring. Squat, stiff-dead, lunges, leg press, leg curl, seated and standing calve raises. I don't know about you but I enjoy athletic training, MET training and other sport/metabolic based training.

It's the type of program I plan to go back to after I've completed Thib's new Mechanical Drop Sets (this program is awesome so far!!).

PM me, I have Skip's Max-OT DVD and E-Book and Jeff's first Max-OT DVD set. Can arrange to send you a copy for paid postage.



hmmm, okay. Was he very experienced or just starting? How big is he now?


wow, you're a personal trainer, hmmm
maybe I'll just stick to what I'm doing lol


that it? Maybe I should try being nicer...


4-6 reps, 6-9 sets, hit a muscle group once per week... Youll find that a whole lot of people train this way (they just dont call it max-ot).

Its how i lift, and have gotten good results.


Yes but it is considerably lower volume to what I'm used to so I'm looking to find out if anyone has an opinion on it, I've also heard that it's pretty hard on the joints especially while cutting