Has anyone tried hemp oil?

It’s supposed to have the perfect balance of omega 6, 3, and 9 fatty acids. I’ve read that using flax oil all the time can cause an imbalance of EFAs in the body. I currently use flax oil and strongly believe in all it’s benefits but i’m wondering if hemp oil can do the same, if not more.

I believe John had something on hemp oil in his last “appetite for contruction” article.

never used hemp oil, but if you want a good balance of EFAs, nothing beats Udo’s Choice Perfected Blend. most natural food stores carry it.

I dunno… NO matter how good everybody says hemp oil is I will never use it.
Why??? Because I’ll feel like some dirty hippy spouting rants about how hemp should be legalized for its benefits ( but really only want it legal to smoke it)

I don’t have time to research this but would be interested to hear the actual breakdown of EFAs in hemp oil. BTW, Bolo, please look into making some progress with your logic and maturity level.

Hemp oil fractions from Udo’s book:19%w3,57%w6,12%w9,1.7%GLA. w=omega

well, well, well…it’s rosheem. you know who this is don’t you?? hint:DJ rosheem??

yeah hemp oil is great but expensive,pat arnold said it has a better profile than flax.conclusion use both!!!

It has nothing to do with maturity levels, its just an opinion formed from experience. Almost all of the people that I have met that want pot legalized smoke dope on a constant basis. Do you want me to truly believe that they want it legalized because it makes clothes and such?
And yes I was one of those dirty littly hippy/skateboard punks before I realized I was destroying my life.
As for hemp oil I have no doubts of its potency as a good source of EFA’s. I’m not forcing you to agree with me I’m just stating an opinion I have. Last I heard this board was open for all types of discussion, and my “voice” was just one side.
Is it so narrow-minded and immature of me to have such an low opinion of hemp? Well when you see it destroy the lives of the people you love maybe then you will have the same opinion of me.

The oil and the drug are totally different. The oil has no THC in it, and guess what…it’s totally legal. Besides, I don’t think anyone here is trying to lobby congress to legalize marijuana because hemp oil has a great fatty acid profile. Your objection to using it is as short sighted as someone who refuses to drink Coca-Cola because he has seen to many people’s lives ruined by cocaine. BTW, I love hemp oil, it does wonders for my skin and hair when I take 1tbsp. per day, and I like it much better than flax. The protein factory has it way cheap too. $8.99 for 16oz. Viva la Hemp!!!

Perhaps my message is getting mixed up or I am not explaining my opinions right, but anyhow I will stop trying to explain it now. Its obvious my opinion is not wanted in this thread for my shortcoming of being very “subjective” about hemp (which you can only get from growing pot), but I’m almost positive that nobody else here suffers from that problem ever in their life.

I don’t have time to research this but would be interested to hear the actual breakdown of EFAs in hemp oil. BTW, Bolo, please look into making some progress with your logic and maturity level.

Omega 3s (LNA) : Omega 6s (LA)

Flax oil- 4:1

Hemp oil- 1:3

(Go with flax or Udo’s)

Bolo, I actually thought twice about posting my message…because I know that everyone has their reasons. Your follow-ups suggest that you are more reasonable than I thought, so I apologize for taking you the wrong way. If you’ve dealt with something on a personal level like that, I guess anything associated with it can push a button. On a brighter note, DJ Rosheem (DIESEL…I can’t believe I’ve been discovered!) is now leaving the building to drive through Europe for a while in search of a Spanish bride.

Bolo, the only way pot can destroy your life is if you get arrested. Otherwise there are no real problems. People who drink or smoke tobacco are in for more problems than people who smoke pot.

bolo, i understand your view about pot ruining lives. many of my friends i grew up with have thrown their lives away poking smot on a daily basis. i’ve seen what it can do. BUT, right now i could care less about lobbying for legalization of marijuana so it can be grow legally here in the US so we can have hemp clothes, toys, tupperware, candies, cakes, pies, etc. pot = stupid…yadda…yadda i know. i didnt intend to start a “should marijuana be legalized?” thread. right now i’m concerned about getting shredded as hell and incorporating lots of EFAs in my diet a la fat fast. Has anyone been using hemp oil in their fat fast diet? i plan on taking at least 5tbs. of flax/hemp a day so that’s going to be lots of oil. i have contacted proteinfacotry’s bulk hemp oil supplier in Canada and the prices are pretty good. i’d rather buy gallons straight from the supplier than buying 6 smaller repackaged bottles from proteinfactory.

I have seen several innaccuracies thus far. First hemp does have THC, the protein factory page deals with this. The amounts it has however are almost zeo. Second, hemp is kind of legal. It can’t be grown in the US but can be imported. The US is the only first world country in the world that has hemp illegal to grow (note there is a difference between cannabis and hemp, i am talking about hemp which is analagous to opium and poppies fyi).

Although I agree with dman regarding certain inaccuracies, the central fact of this thread lies within Chris’ post, i.e., the ratio of n-6 to n-3 lipids in hemp oil, in a word, sucks. Flax or Udo’s are unquestionably better choices for plant-derived EFAs, and of the two I’d recommend flax for those who tend to consume a lot of grain-fed meat (such meat already provides a plentiful source of n-6 lipids, so it’s necessary to balance it all out with a source consisting primarily of n-3s).

thanks for all your help guys. i’m gonna stick with flax.