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Has Anyone Tried Gakic?

[quote]Studio27 wrote:
gakic works… maybe not the described 10.5% strength increase, but some (even if that part’s placebo). What does work is the prevention in lactic acid buildup. for longer workouts (1.5h+), you’ll try and pick up a weight and it just won’t move… no pain though. it says 28% but i haven’t talked to anyone who had any lactic buildup that they noticed whatsoever.

note: the powder works but tastes like absolute shit. the pills are VERY hit and miss. bigger guys won’t get anything out of the pills almost guaranteed.[/quote]

working out for more than an hour an a half s stupid. either your bull shitting with the guys at the gym and working out like pussy or you over train like a mo fo. that shit is dumb its probably jsut a stimulant. smoke rocks

Wow… nice educated reply there.

If you’re taking long rest periods between sets it’s VERY easy to go over 1.5hrs training.

The pills are so huge I almost choked on the damn things, and it’s like 8 to a serving.
I noticed jack crap from it. I hear the powder tastes like complete ass too.

Working out for an hour and a half isn’t necessarily stupid. To discount anything simply because you disagree with it is ignorant, and this site is notorious for doing so.

It stimulates your body differently than the short workouts based soley on power movements. it encourages growth as long as the workouts have been changed up so the body doesn’t adapt to any one particular routine. The only thing you have to worry about with intensity is your glycogen levels, so carb up before and during long workouts. working with giant sets, drop sets, and supersets is going to activate the slower twitch muscles and build that coveted density as opposed to the fast twitch “size” muscles. Both are important and neither should be neglected.

you have to know the parameters as well. rest periods, types of exercises, full body vs. split, number of partners, etc. even if rest periods were relatively low, it is very possible to do even a split routine for that long without overtraining. you just have to know your body and treat it right, take the right supplements, eat the right food, and get the rest you need to maximize recovery.

in any case, gakic works when you work inside its parameters. it is one of the few supplements besides the basics that works like its supposed to. if you don’t do long workouts or you don’t get the lactic acid buildup, then it seems rather pointless to spend 70 or 80 bucks on a supplement that you won’t get any benefit from.

again, the powder tastes like dogshit but works (unless you don’t get the lactic buildup like i said earlier). pills either don’t work at all or at best still not as good as the powder.

Supplements: (grouped by importance)


Novelty supps (gakic, leukic, NO boosters, testosterone boosters, etc.)

Gakic is basically L-Arginine attached to some other fancy crap. It is supposed to act as a buffer that rids your muscles of the metabolic by-products that may inhibit maximal muscular contractions. Bottom line, it’s supposed to increase strength and resistance to muscle fatique. I don’t believe it does that.

Being a GNC employee I was given a few sample tub of Gakic, and I feel that it does nothing. Not only that but they gave me the powder, which was the foulest tasting stuff on the face of the earth. I have never tasted anything so bad in my life as Gakic. I threw it up once.

In conclusion, don’t waste your money. But if you still want to try it, get the pills.

I used a container of it…Basically does what they say it will do…kind of.

If I could generally get 10 reps on a set, GAKIC would allow me to get 11 reps. Hey that’s a 10% increase in strength…right?

Was it just psychological? I used it long enough to think it was more then that.

For the cost of the product, I discontinued its use.