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Has Anyone Tried Gakic?

Has anyone tried Gakic; and if so what do you think of it? Real deal, or fake?

I saw it at GNC, looked at the label, went home and order a free sample. My guess is it’s complete bullshit. From what I could tell it seemed to have a single amino acid and some other shit in it(that’s the technical term).

Its just the new version of NO. Ever wonder why supplement companies dont push caffeine b4 a workout? Even though it increases strength b4 a workout. Cause its CHEAP! Gakic and that NO bullshit isn’t! Also, ever wonder why these companies put creatine and insulin spiking agents in their products and tell you to drink a bunch of water? That is wheir your ‘results’ come from with these products. Save your money!

Thanks I think you may have just saved me some money. Any ideas on what is out there that is good? Currently using nitro tech and cell tech. Reading the mags and the supplement companies make there products look so good you never know whats legit, and what isnt.

Thanks again.

Use a good multi 2xDay, liver tabs(cheap and effective), Grow!, caffeine, and Methoxy -7 (at the max dosage). So basically, you want vitamins, high quality protein, a pre-workout stimulant and something anabolic.

Before you buy any supplement check at the ingredients and look for whatever may make it ‘special’. With Nitro-tech, they put creatine in it. Thats why it ‘looks’ like you’re building muscle while on it. With Cell-Tech, it makes you look big cause of the sugar loading you go through, filling your muscles with glycogen. Oatmeal will do the same thing and its a HELL OF A LOT CHEAPER and its pretty damn hard to get fat off oatmeal.

LOL gakic. wanna try my new supp called spurdoc? or morbek? how bout jilfeg? wanna try dudoc?

what is the purpose of supplementing with liver tabs?

the rest of the stuff, I follow just fine.

Way way overpriced but it works if its supposed to give you a boost of energy. I got it real cheap so i tried it and it makes you feel pretty good over the course of the workout. I won’t buy another tub. It has to be the worst tasting crap ever.

high quality liver tabs have lipotropics, vitamins and protein. and they are of equal price, on a gram for gram basis, to whey protein.

Take Methyl-EFX that stuff freakin rocks. PM me if ya wanna know more about it.

Heh. I saw some of that methyl-EFX in a local nutrition store when I was picking up some multi’s and BCAA’s. I didn’t take a gander at the container. Why do you like it so much?

I signed up for a free sample at the beginning of september, they said i would get it at the end of september, still havent gotten it.

It is seriously one of the worst tasting and worst mixing things ever. It seriously tastes so horrendous that even if it did improve power production the aftertaste would stop me from working out to my fullest. I tried some and mixed it with water and i took one sip, gagged, and almost vomited when I forced another gulp down.

couldn’t taste as bad as CEE

[quote]ballistic ram wrote:
couldn’t taste as bad as CEE[/quote]

That’s quite true. I can’t believe they actually produce CEE in a non-encapsulated form for human consumption. I have a free sample of this Gakic crap supposedly on the way too, I’ll see how the taste compares to the vile taste of CEE…

Well, I bought and tried Gakic, (the powder). I am normally the first one to say, “it can’t \ wont work” … BUT, I have heard really good things from coworkers, so i gave-in and bought the stuff. I can honestly say I love it. It tastes BAD, but I might actually get another tub. Energy like crazy, i had to force myself out of the gym.

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Anyone got any experience good or bad with it??

Andy Bolton seems to think it does the trick. Which is a pretty good endorsement!

one of my friends bought it once and it tasted so bad he gave it awya to someone for free lol

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gakic works… maybe not the described 10.5% strength increase, but some (even if that part’s placebo). What does work is the prevention in lactic acid buildup. for longer workouts (1.5h+), you’ll try and pick up a weight and it just won’t move… no pain though. it says 28% but i haven’t talked to anyone who had any lactic buildup that they noticed whatsoever.

note: the powder works but tastes like absolute shit. the pills are VERY hit and miss. bigger guys won’t get anything out of the pills almost guaranteed.