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Has Anyone Tried Ephedrine/DMAA/Caffeine Stack?

Gday all, just wondering if anyone has tried this stack,

Therma Labs Stackers

(50mg efedrin / 50mg dmaa / 100mg koffein)

I used it around 3 years ago but without the dmaa, about to start to use it again but now it has the dmaa and looking for opinions first :smiley:

everyone’s experience with stimulants is different, so opinions from others is utterly useless. Some people will love it, some will hate it. If you respond well to other stims, generally speaking, you’ll probably be fine with this stack. try it and see. When I’m trying a new stim product (which I haven’t done in a long time), I’ll dose it way lower than the recommended dose to start, and raise it until I find what feels best. Usually that would be starting at like 1/3 of the recommended dose.

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That stack sounds harsh.

Is it legal?

DMAA is fun stuff. But didn’t it fall out of favor for cardio toxicity?

Loses its magic quickly though.

Here in Sweden its super popular and the one I used befor without the dmaa was great but Ive never used dmaa.
They come in a capsule so I guess I could poor half in water to try first?

ehhhh. no not really. because you won’t know that you’re dumping each ingredient out in similar quantities. just pop the whole thing, you’ll be fine.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I had one now and smashed my workout it was great :smiley:
Super warm body and very energized.

Swede here, obligatory nod of acknowledgement tips hat

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This was a great stack I thought :grin: