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Has Anyone Tried Dr. John Rusin's FHT Program?

It’s all in the title. I’m a long time follower here but only just discovered John has an ebook program. Anyone tried it? It’s kinda pricey at $100 which makes me hesitant and I can’t find any real reviews.

I would assume that, given Rusin’s background, there will be a lot of emphasis on movement quality and mobility which’ll make you feel awesome eventually but won’t be any fun.

Yeah he says as much on his personal site. Which I’m all about. But I don’t like going in blind. Found a “day1” video on YouTube and liked what I saw but still not enough to spend $100 on something that could be potentially free from his articles here. Which was a complaint I saw on Amazon

I’m a big anatomy and kinesiology geek so I really like his stuff, but I’d not want to do a whole program of it.

I’d certainly not be dropping $100 on it.

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With sooooo much quality here, and on the net overall, I vowed to never pay for a training program. If I were a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter, and it was my livelihood, I would feel otherwise, but that’s not the case. Realistically, how dramatic would/could the differences be???

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I can’t believe we get to ask questions AND receive answers from Jim, CT, and Paul. Those guys charge for online coaching and programs but give us so much for free here.

We’re spoiled.


Soooo has anyone tried the program?

What would you like to know about it?
The split is P/P/L with 3 heavy base days and a secondary upper hypertrophy day.
The FHT2 program (not available anymore) has 3 secondary hypertrophy days - one for push, pull and legs.
It’s actually structured a lot like a Mountain Dog program (but no machine work). With Rusin being a part of the Mountain Dog team, it makes sense that he’d be inspired by the exercise sequencing to some degree.
Honestly, I thought the intensity was a bit too much at my current level (Bulgarian split squat drop set of death AFTER balls out on lunges is not needed yet).

Powerlifts are in the 4-6 rep range, and there’s a conditioning component as a finisher for each day.

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I completely feel you. But after like 4 years doing CT programs for free, and answering questions and being a part of the process that changed my life, I figured why not drop him 60 € for a program. And I don’t regret it