Has Anyone Tried Crazy Statics?

Bumped into this one just now:

First time hearing someone using such outrages arguments, it got me thinking - BULLSHIT. But, hey, one should ask. So… Has anyone, for some reason, tried that crazy-ass method AND has gotten any results? :open_mouth: Do you happen to know anyone who did?

Pete Sisco has been hawking that system for years. All I’ll say is that it is never a poor decision to be sceptical.

here’s a guy that’s been using it for a couple years.

His opening gambit:

" There is a huge amount of confusion in the realm of strength training, or weightlifting or bodybuilding or whatever name you want to give to the task of making your muscles and body stronger. I think the confusion is spread deliberately so that people become reliant on â??expertsâ?? to help them. As George Bernard Shaw said, â??Every profession is a conspiracy against the layman.â??

Strength training OR bodybuilding OR weightlifting: goal is to make body stronger. He got confused between the different emphases that people want to put on their training.

That paragraph can be read as: “Don’t rely on experts. They’re conspiring against you deliberately. By the way, I’m an expert. Rely on me. Blah fucking blah.”

[quote]thrasher wrote:
here’s a guy that’s been using it for a couple years.

F*ck me he’s huge!!!