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Has Anyone Tried Alpha-GPC Yet?


i just bought a bottle of it and i just want to see what resuts people have gotten from it. any side effects?


I've been using it on my "strength" sessions and find that I'm able to clist close to 10% more on my big lifts with it.

The effect is very consistent with me.


I think I have to up up the dose. I don't notice much of any effect with 600mg


Been using it about two weeks now. I notice a difference on squats, deads, and benching, when going for max effort lifts. I'll continue to use it.



First try was today, doing a pretty much Hepburn-style DL workout. Namely, after warmup with very very light weight (mostly empty bar Romanians, and empty sled leg presses), ramping up with 5 reps with about 30% 1RM, 3 reps with about 50%, then singles with 60%, 70% and 80% 1RM. Then 10 singles with 90% 1RM, with five minutes rest in between.

It was interesting. Definitely in terms of perceived neural effort -- if we can use that term; what I mean is how much it seemed like I was trying, how hard I was having to push the wiring, so to speak -- it was the easiest Hepburn workout ever.

In terms of how the muscles felt afterwards, it seemed clear the weight wasn't too light but was about correct, and I really hadn't thought going into that I had moved up what my 1RM would have been if taken (If I had really increased strength considerably, then it feeling easy would have made sense.)

So it did seem to me that the Alpha-GPC aided in more readily getting good neural output, so to speak.

Another thing that happened was that, sadly enough, for DL's I am a straps lifter and don't really have a good grip. Ordinarily I leave the straps off and lift double overhand while ramping up but end doing so once the weight gets past 315 lb. I have done double overhand to, can't recall exactly, 335 or 345 but once at weights around there I could always feel myself starting to lose the grip -- very iffy. In this case though the 315 single felt so easy in the hands that I decided to do the 365 single strapless double overhand, and grip did turn out to be solid enough and felt easy at the time. Just not an issue at all. However the forearms were complaining unusually afterwards for a few minutes, so I don't think it was that the required muscles for gripping were any stronger.

So it seemed as if I got more neural drive, so to speak, for the grip as well. At any rate it was, pathetically enough, for me a strapless double-overhand PR and was completely solid for grip, which from past experience I very, very highly doubt would have happened ordinarily. I might well have been able to get it ordinarily, but it wouldn't have been so solid and mentally near-effortless to keep the grip. It would have been iffy and a fight to get that, for sure.


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me too. still evaluating it to be sure, though.

seems like it is best to take an hour (to 1.5h) before you start your heavy stuff


Looks like 3 pills did the trick. Strength was noticeably better today. Maybe not 14% better, but better


Trying it soon myself, just to see. Is everyone using it by itself pre-training, as a true test? And would stacking it, with a Spike product let's say, be to much? Or does it mix well...just wondering.
Nice pup J.


I also used my usual preworkout drinks, which include Power Drive and Spike Shooter.


Bill how do you time these?? I thought it was recommened not to take at the same time. Spike before workout and Power Drive after?


Power Drive is mostly recommended before workout, though there's value to using it post workout as well.

I have the Power Drive one hour before the workout, and the Spike Shooter just as I leave for the gym, which is about a 10 minute trip.

If there has ever been a recommendation to not use Power Drive and Spike Shooter together, I've never seen it and it wouldn't make sense to me.

As for the Spike tablet, I don't know about that. It is entirely different than the Shooter. I can't use the tablet myself as I and sulbutamin don't get along.


Ok maybe not a recommendation as such, more a suggestion.


Sorry to get off topic


Not at all.

Perhaps Cy was responding to the question being directed at the matter of one "over" the other for pre-workout rather than whether both could be used to advantage pre-workout.

Anyway they work well together pre-workout.


Thanks for the input guys, If I can get off my butt and train, I'll try it out!


I think that Power Drive has been suggested post workout to aid CNS recovery. Could be completely wrong, but I believe I remember CT talking about it for that purpose years ago as well.


Alpha-GPC + Spike is the BEST pre-workout stack EVER! Forget about all those N.O. shit products, these two supplements together have me raging like a madman when it's time to train.

I would like to attribute the fact that I've been increasing my reps to my own awesomeness, but you can TOTALLY tell the difference when taking Alpha-GPC, it definitely has nootropic effects that you can feel. I really hope my body doesn't become too used to it too fast.

BTW, I also had to up the dosage to 3 caps.


I just opened my bottle and it seemed a little odd. First off, the foil on top was black. I didn't realize until I opened the bottle, but it almost looked burnt on the inside. And the pills are a plain, cream color, which just looked odd compared to say Alpha and Carbolin 19 ect...

Perhaps I'm just used to the flashy colors, seems to be working for a lot of you though, keep pushing it everybody!


Do you see any reason not to use Spike tabs and Power Drive at the same time? It has been said that taking them together will blunt the effects of Spike.


I've used the Alpha-GPC as part of Anaconda protocol 2

I take it -90 as per instructions. After a few minutes of taking it I get a noticable "effect" almost like I drank an energy drink or popped an adderol (spelling). I dunno if that's supposed to happen but I'll take it.

As for the strength boost it's hard to say since I've only used it with all the other badassery that is the Anaconda protocol. But all combined it is 100% legit. Very noticable effect on overall strength, muscular endurance, and recovery as advertised.