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Has Anyone Tanked Their Estrogen? Symptoms and Solution?

I have a question has anyone here tanked their estradiol before using an ai? If so what where your symptoms and how long it took you to get better?
I ranked mine bloodwork came back at 5 when Normal is 6 to 42 in range. I’m having all sort of symptoms to this, flue like feeling, no desire to do anything, sharp needle pain everywhere muscle pain depression, you name it!

How did you tank your e2 is the first question. If its an AI, throw that shit in the trash.

It takes a while, up to several months to feel completely normal again. But a few weeks should give you some relief, as long as you are getting enough Test.

I have so much experience with this, its disgusting.

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Yeah it was with anastrazole only took a .5 mg to do this! Yeah I’m not taking it ever again. Damn months??? I thought Estrogen raise with every injection why would it take months ?

Crashing your e2 is a big deal. It doesn’t always take that long, but sometimes, it does. It will take longer if you are injecting frequently and or SQ.

What does your protocol look like. Why did you even take the AI to begin with?

I have crashed mine as well. I felt better a few weeks after I stopped the anastrozole but joint pain lingered for about 4-5 weeks.

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Al right I used to take 100mg a week divided into 2 shots subq. For some reaso subq injection where making me aromatize like crazy my estrogen came back around 52. Around two weeks ago at the time of injection I took .25 with my 50mg test. I was great! Like never before. That was Thursday morning. Next shot was do Sunday morning so I took anastrazole again .25 with my test shot but this time I didn’t feel like before it went on a downhill so I decided to get my estradiol check and that’s how I find out it was 5! Last week I didn’t take testosterone at all untill this Tuesday I took 200mg IM because I switched to a trt clinic and they told me I was at a very low dose which I was because my through was always around 350 and I never felt right. And this is my protocol as of Tuesday 200mg weekly no anastrazole for now.

So you cant self inject? 200 a week should bring you up pretty fast.

Why were you taking the anastrazole though? did you have symptoms?

Yeah I i was having tenderness around my nipples they were really puffy, I didn’t feel like trt was working. Before going to subq I used to inject IM and I was doing ok I only changed because I wanted save muscle tissue and I read pretty good stuff on the subq method but that’s another thread right there. But yeah I was having a lot of high estrogen symptoms along with the bloodwork that show it was high out of range. Yes I do self inject.

Your estrogen can recover in about a week or two, but your recovery from low estrogen is another matter entirely. You cannot make more estrogen until the medicine is out of your system, there is no blue pill you can take to escape what is done.

What do you mean is another matter entirely? If you say it should recover in 2 weeks the what’s the other side of the coin?

Ohhh ok

It means your estrogen can recover more quickly than your body or joints can.

But I haven’t taken the anastrazole since a week and a half… how does this work?

It also depends on how much aromatase enzymes you have in fat tissue that will determine how fast estrogen recovers, I’ve seen some men take months to recover.

Oh damn, but would I feel at least better mentally cause man I feel like a zero! No drive no desire I think you been there maybe

So you felt good on 100mg a week IM. But now your doing 200mg a week? Dude, you are gonna be on a roller coaster.

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I’m gonna have blood work in 4 weeks again at this dose and will adjust accordingly I know 200mg is a bit high for me but I fee I could’ve done more 100 also. I was place on 200 because I guess me e2 was so low and they want it up ASAP

This suggests what I suspected, low level of aromatase enzymes which is why estrogen was low.

I always tell people to first adjust dosage frequency before restoring to AI usage, otherwise it may be an endless cycle of AI induced E2 roller coaster.

Most men with low E2 pre-TRT do not need estrogen management, what they need is a proper dosing frequency.

I still remember my levels of both test and e2 before trt
Test was 180
E2 was 15

Dosing frequency will be how you manage estrogen, the smaller and more frequent the dosage, usually the lower the estrogen. Maybe you do not need high Total T levels, some men feel optimal slightly above mid-range.