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Has anyone seen this yet?



Balco labs is of course the originators of ZMA.


What the hell did she have in her system, benzos? How are sleeping pills going to help you sprint? I guess if they found something that she didn't have a prescription for that's illegal, but come on.

Don't tell me they're going to take my ZMA now. What could the feds possibly want with it?

By the way, has anyone actually read the article that ZMA ads are always referencing? Conti is one of the authors. Here is the citation: Brilla, LR and Conte, V. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1999 May, 31 (5). I've done Medline searches for this a few times and found nothing.


Just wanted to bump this up as it got overlooked over the weekend.

Should we be stocking up on ZMA now? Stupid Feds!


I'm sure this has nothing to do with ZMA itself. Victor Conte is always popping up when an athlete gets busted for roids though. Barry Bonds' trainer was also served with a warrent and Bonds is also a client of Conte's.

The question is, besides ZMA, what else is Balco Labs and Conte offering to athletes? Hmmmmmmm.....


The reason you cannot find it on medline is that its only an abstract.

He has a full paper that he also references, but it was a pathetic paper


It was not a benzo she was taking. It is a drug for narcolepsy and if anything it will speed up a person.


Well I didn't mean so much that the FDA would pull ZMA, but that the company that makes it might be getting shut down.


She really shouldn't get in trouble for using Modafinil. The thing that got the attention of the officials was that it is used to treat narcolepsy. Unlike other drugs for narcolepsy it is not an amphetamine, nor is it related to one. In fact, it isn't even supossed to be a central nervous system stimulant. It is only supossed to help activate alpha-1 adrenergic postsynaptic receptor sites in the brain. These just help norepinephrine get used, regulating the sleep cycle, alertness, and so on. It might help in something like race car driving where you have to concentrate for long periods of time, but I doubt it helped her win sprinting titles. I think it is obsurd that they would take her two titles away from her.