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Has anyone seen T-Mag in any stores in Melbourne - Australia

Has anyone seen copies of T-mag in any stores in Melbourne. I don’t think Australians can subscirbe over the net yet so I was hoping to pick some up in a store somehwere.

Sorry, havent seen any issues anywhere and I am from Brisbane! If you do find an outlet that sells them let me know! GOODLUCK

I can’t help with the Melbourne connection, but I live in Brisbane (southside) and I picked up the last issue from the Sunnybank Hills news agency (cost bloody $15)

Hope that helps

Thanks guys - MickL could you post their contact number so I could give them a buzz. See if I can get details of how they ordered it in and pass it on to my local newsagent. Thanks.

I called the agency, they said they imported the mag through Gordon & Gotch (07) 3637 6888. The girl mentioned that because of the dock stikes in the US, most deliveries to Oz will be delayed…