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Has Anyone Seen Patrick Jones Training Videos?

His body is great and I want to know how long it would take for a physique like that https://www.instagram.com/patrickjonesjr_npc

Yeah he has a good physique, but you have to realize he is also taking anabolics.
Just hit a good progressive training program for a couple of years, before even considering taking gear. Consistent training is the key to getting and staying in good shape.

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Smart training, and diet you can totally control…genetics and individual response to Anabolics combined with the ability to stick with a pursuit for a decent number of years… not something you can really choose.

As Mentzer once said: you never know how good your genetic potential is until youve done everything possible to reach it.



Ahhh I see okay I found this video of him from not too long ago

thanks though.

You know I heard someone claim he’s natural.

It doesnt matter if hes on steroids or not. Hes got top of the line genetics and the general population doesn’t so you may never look like him.

Just be smart with your food and training and you’ll be alot closer to looking like him then you would be if you didnt. Dont aim to look like other people, Aim to look like the Best version of yourself you can achieve through hard work.


Thanks :slight_smile:

In a lot of images maybe he was natty at the time, but the fullness of his pecs and delts when dieted down screams anabolics. You got to remember, anabolics are used in various quantities from fitness, classic physique, and bodybuilding. Taking 500mg/ wk wont turn you into Phil Heath.
Think about it with women and breast implants. Small ones can enhance the look, and still look pretty natural to the casual observer. Huge pornstar ones are obvious .

The Duke gives sage advice. about diet, training, goals. Couldn’t agree more.

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I like your response but if that’s the case hopefully he’ll make it to 30

He will be fine. Continuous mega doses of steroids are not good for health, but the riskier drugs are DNP, insulin, hgh and other exotic peptides. I can’t think of any cases where steroids are proven to be a main cause of death.

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