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Has anyone seen my glasses?

This is me and my kitties. I like them very much.

Okay, I’ll bite.

Is that really you, CJB?

Er, make that CGB…

haha, i see someone else watches trailer park boys…bubbles sure does look stupid…hey, anyone know when season 3 starts? i’ve just been getting episodes from direct connect and have only found episodes from season 1 and 2.

I, uh, hereby retract my first post.

(What a sheltered life I must lead…)

Ok- In light of the above pic, I don’t wanna train with you any more!

Just Kidden
Now I know what you look like it’s I will be able to find you at the New Golds opening this Sat!
Here is a pic from last summer I was getting in to my new Bar-B-Q…
Ok a little carried away but hey I love Alberta Beef!
Shisska-bobs any one?

Whew, there we go. Found 'em.

Ok, season 3 starts April 6th. I can’t wait. I grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and let me tell you, the trailer parks were not far off from what you see in this show.

Eva, that’s not very nice :frowning: I just might find someone else to train with now haha

E-plurb – Where did you find that pic of the lovely Ms. Garner?

Brider- I think I just typed her name into Google, and searched form there.
I think she did a reat job as Electra.
And could you ask for a better TV show,
University Student by day, CIA op my nite, Flippen people like Agent Orange in Rez Dogs, and cool CIA lingo…
Man I wanna be a actress!
What fun it must of been shooting the sceen on the teter totters! Hi ya!!
A Judoo Chop… Oppps there goes your Glasses here let me…(crunch) Oh no!
No I think your much per-d-er with out them on CGB. I was just kidden about the first post.


This is a good site for Jen.
Ka bye

Actually, E~Pluribus: “Sydney” has graduated and rec’d her Masters from college.

:-))) Just thought I’d kindly point that out to you.

Patricia - raving “Alias” fan.

Eva, is the new Gold’s opening the one at Northland? They’ve been talking about that for months and months. I thought it opened up before Christmas.

I don’t have cable so I have only seen the show 2x’s. I agree, it would be my fav!

CGB-ya Golds has been open for a month or so, but their “GRAND” opening is this weekend! Black tie, like the opening of the one you go to!
Good networking time had by all:0(
Ka bye