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Has anyone purchased Dr. Di Pasquele's (new) Anabolic Diet ebook?

I was going through the T-Dawg diet and the Anabolic Diet and I was wondering if anyone thought that it was worth purchasing Dr. Di Pasquele’s (new) anabolic Diet ebook? It costs $24.95 but it only comes in e-book form. Is it worth purchasing or is all the information you need in Chris Shugart’s "Eat Like a Man, Part 1 & 2?

It’s a decent book but, but if you are only interested in how to do the diet the articles are fine. If you want more theory, that book or his other book, “The Metabolic Diet” are good resourses.

Get the ebook; i got it; enjoyed the read…it was very interesting and learned a lot.

I bought the Metabolic Diet. It was okay but you can do the diet just by following Shugart’s articles.